Skip Hire in Detchant, Northumberland

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Hiring a skip in Detchant, Northumberland: Everything you need to know

Skip hire is the best and most popular way of disposing junk, debris and other waste materials. It’s an affordable method that helps you get rid of all wastes in one go, without hiring different waste disposal services for various wastes. Besides, it’s applicable for all commercial and residential projects.

Skips are the best options for households and businesses that generate large amounts of wastes. For instance, they’re highly used in construction sites, farmyards, and businesses. Generally, they’re suitable for any waste generating project. So, if you’re running a DIY project such as kitchen refitting, bathroom remodeling, or garden cleanup, consider skip hire the best and most reliable, convenient and affordable waste removal option. You can hire a skip to clear up your construction site too.

There are numerous skip hire companies in Northumberland and surrounding areas, working independently to meet your demands. To learn more about specific companies’ skip hiring process, contact us via live chat.

When hiring a skip, the primary determinant of the right size is the amount of waste you want to dispose of. Besides, you should also know what to put in a skip and what you shouldn’t.

Items not allowed in a skip

Some waste items are considered hazardous, and most skip hire companies don’t allow them in their skips. They include:

  • Paint
  • Chemicals
  • Batteries
  • Electronics such as TV, freezers, computers
  • Medical wastes
  • Gas cylinders
  • Tyres
  • Plasterboards
  • Asbestos
  • Every other item considered hazardous

Initially, plasterboards were allowed in skips until the UK law was amended where they were deemed unfit for skips disposal. According to the law which was amended in 2011, all plasterboards must not be mixed with other waste items. The law followed the discovery of the hazardous gas that the material emits during decomposition, and it can be toxic if it rots in a mixed setting. To dispose of your plasterboard material, get a special bag from your local skip hire company.

Uses of skips

Detchant residents hire skips for various reasons. For instance, some like the skips’ affordability while others are attracted by their efficiency in waste disposal tasks. Besides, they’re available in different sizes, and anyone can hire the one that best suits their waste disposal needs.

The following are some of the common uses of skips:

  • Domestic uses
  • Driveway / Pave way installation
  • Clearance of unwanted waste
  • Garden cleanup
  • Domestic uses

    Are you renovating your house? Skip hire must be the best waste disposal option for the task. Regardless of the size of the project, the large amount of waste you’ll accumulate will fit in a skip, and be disposed of safely without spilling. Evaluate the size of the project to determine the amount of waste you’ll generate, and then hire the right skip size.
  • Driveway / Pave way installation

    Driveway installation is the most common use of skip hires. When installing the new driveway, you’ll have to remove the old one, generating waste in the process. You can load the waste material into a skip and dump it in the designated waste disposal site.
  • Clearance of unwanted waste

    When tenants move from a building, they leave a lot of unwanted wastes such as fittings and old furniture. Hiring a skip can significantly help you make the building neat, and you can use it to dispose of the trash in the local garbage disposal site.
  • Garden cleanup

    Garden cleaning is a tedious work that generates a lot of organic waste such as soil, leaves and other compostable materials. If you hire a skip, you can comfortably clean your garden and dispose of all the garbage at a go. If you own a garden in Detchant, you can choose a small, medium or large skip depending on the size of your clean up job.

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You may already know that skip size influences the total cost you would have to pay. Though other factors such as location, waste type, duration and whether you'll need a skip hire permit or not, should also be taken into consideration.

I've also added a few of our service areas below so you can compare prices near you.

A step-by-step guide on hiring a skip in Detchant

When hiring a skip, there are various factors you need to consider. They include:

  • Skip size
  • Skip price
  • Permit council costs
  • Hidden charges
  • Taxes
  • Skip Hire period
  • Skip weight

1.Skip size

The first step in the skip hiring process is choosing the right skip size for your waste disposal job. Skips come in various sizes, lengths, shapes and requirements. Hiring a large skip for a small amount of waste increases your cost while choosing the one that’s too small for your waste will make you either leave some junk at your property or hire an extra skip to remove all the garbage.

  • Mini skip
  • Builders skip
  • Roll of skip
  • Midi skip
  • Maxi skip
  • Secure skip
  • Mini skip

    Minis skips are the smallest skips, usually, measure 2-3 yards. They’re best suitable for housing and gardening projects that generate small amounts of wastes.

    The following are some of the benefits of mini skips:

    Cheap: Mini skips are excellent waste removal options for small domestic tasks like garden clean ups and bathroom or kitchen remodeling. Instead of loading wastes in your car, save the cost by hiring a mini skip that will help you dispose of the trash efficiently and cost-effectively.

    Convenience: Most cities in the UK have many residential areas with limited spaces for large skips placement. Therefore, the best waste disposal option for these areas is the use of mini skips. Their small size allows them to pick the waste efficiently.

    Availability: Mini skips are common across Northumberland. Most residents use them for small domestic jobs.

  • Builders skip

    Builders skip are also popular throughout Northumberland. They usually come in 6 cubic yards size. They’re great options for disposing of concrete items, rubble and soil in commercial projects. They’re also commonly used for the disposal of general domestic waste. The skip’s size allows it to carry about seventy bags of waste material.

    The following are some of the reasons why Builders skips are popular:

    They’re convenient: They’re excellent for large commercial projects that produce a large amount of rubble waste materials.

    Cost-effective: They save you the cost of hiring trucks to and from garbage disposal sites. They also save on fuel costs.

    They’re widely available: You can find a Builder skip in any city. Many residents hire skips for homes and major office renovations.

  • Roll-on / Roll-off (RoRo) skips

    They’re sized around 20-40 yards and typically used for large commercial projects. Their large size makes them unsuitable for small domestic projects. Besides, this skip can only fit on a large physical space.

    Here are some of its benefits:

    Convenient: They’re fitted with doors to facilitate rolling on and off. Due to their size, they’re ideal for massive projects large amount of wastes for disposal.

    Popularity: Roll-on / Roll-off skips are common in UK cities, especially in construction sites where large amounts of rubble and building wastes are disposed of.

  • Midi skip

    These skips are commonly used for bathrooms and kitchen fittings. They are four cubic yards sized. Besides, most people use them to dispose of landscaping and domestic waste materials. Generally, Midi skip can hold 45 bags of garbage.

    Maxi skip

    Maxi skips are more extensive than builders skips, sized 12 cubic yards. Their large size demands large physical spaces, making them unfit for domestic uses. They have large capacity too, making them fit for sizeable bulky waste materials, especially from commercial and construction sites.
  • Secure skips

    These skips are lockable, thus offer extra protection. They help to ensure that no excess waste goes into the skip. They’re common across the UK, and they come in different sizes and configurations.

2.Skip price

Your budget will significantly determine the type and size of the skip you hire. Two factors determine the price of a skip. They include:

  • Size: Generally, small sized skips like the Mini skip are cheaper than bigger skips. This is essentially due to variations in capacities. Most skip hire companies in Northumberland provide customers with alternatives to reduce the skip hire costs. Such options include landfilling and recycling waste item.
  • Location: Skip hire prices vary based on regions. For instance, London residents pay higher prices than people living in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

3.Permit council costs

The law requires people placing skips on public roads to obtain a permit. They’ve to pay for this permit, and the permit cost varies based on locations. However, if you’re hiring a skip to place on your property, you’re not required to obtain the council permit. Mostly, skip hire companies obtain the permits and add the costs to the customers’ final charges.

4.Hidden charges

When hiring a skip, you don’t incur hidden charges. However, you may incur additional costs if you’re fined for putting prohibited items in the skip. So, be aware of what is forbidden by the law to avoid unnecessary charges.


Some skip hire companies don’t include the VAT (value-added tax) when quoting prices. Therefore, it’s essential to ask the skip hire provider if their quote consists of the VAT tax. Always evaluate the final skip hire prices before settling on a skip hire service.

6.Skip hire period

The skip hire period is an essential factor to consider when hiring a skip. An extended period attracts high costs in terms of council permit costs. Generally, skip hiring costs increases with the length of the hire period.

In most cases, skip hire services in Northumberland are willing to enter into cheaper and more flexible contracts and agreements for customers hiring skips for unspecified periods.

7.Skip weight

Skip weight varies based on hire providers and their weighing rules and regulations. Generally, each cubic yard is equated with one tonne. So, an 8-skip will weigh 8 tonnes.

Heavy skips weighing from 2-8 tonnes can carry heavy waste materials like rubbles and metals. However, it’s crucial to balance the weight by combing both heavy and lightweight materials.

How to reduce the cost of a skip hire

The following are excellent ways of reducing the cost of a skip hire:

  • Compare different quotes: Skip hire charges vary based on companies. Therefore, it’s essential to research the market before deciding on a service. Get quotes from different firms in your region, compare them and choose the right price (maybe the lowest). Also, inquire if the quotes include permit costs and taxes.
  • Sell, donate or recycle some of the waste items: Donating some of your unwanted wastes can reduce the skip hire costs by a significant margin. Still, you can sell or recycle the items, especially the recyclable plastics. This will reduce the amount of waste materials that you need to dispose of. Consult your local council to get the available donating and recycling options. Likewise, you can search on the internet “recycling options for waste materials,” or “how to donate unwanted items.”

Therefore, instead of dumping your bathroom fittings, old furniture, bed set and other household items, you can opt to sell, donate or recycle them to reduce the skip hire costs.

Recycling wastes has many benefits. They include:

Saving energy: Recycling industry related material can help us save a lot of energy. Consequently, industries will save a lot of money that they could have spent extracting and refining new energy resources.

Environmental protection: Recycling some wastes can be a critical step towards saving the environment from pollution.

Reuse helps us conserve resources: Reusable materials can be recycled and transformed into newer products. This can save manufacturers from spending money on extracting resources and damaging the natural eco-system.

However, many people find it hard to recycle wastes despite the many benefits that come with waste recycling. Some of these reasons include:

Lack of recycling bins or bags: While people may want to enjoy the benefits of recycling waste, the whole process causes a lot of inconveniences. Many people aren’t equipped with recycling bags or bins; thus, they find the process tedious.

Inability to pre-plan: Most people avoid segregating the recyclable and non-recyclable wastes. Instead, they choose to dispose of the entire luggage together. Planning and labelling items can help determine the right ones for recycling.

Ignorance: The modern society holds the misconception that recycling waste is an unimportant and outdated practice. Besides, people ignore the terrible impacts of global warming. If we can all change our attitude and spread the awareness of improper disposal of waste items, more people can start recycling various waste items such as plastics. Recycling is an easy process, and it isn’t complicated as most people tend to believe. We only need the right mindset. Apart from saving the environment, it can significantly reduce your skip hire costs.

  • Book the skip in advance: Most people book their skip hire services at the eleventh hour, which costs a lot of money. Booking yours in advance can significantly lower the costs because there is always an open opportunity for discounts. Besides, place all your waste items at one point to fasten the removal process. By doing so, you’ll reduce the skip hire period, hence reduce the cost.
  • Avoid council permits: Obtaining a council permit is crucial while placing a skip on a public road or property. However, you can avoid the permit costs by keeping it on your driveway. So, opt to keep the skip on your private property such as driveway, backyard or lawn area. This will eliminate the council permit costs.

Recycling services by Northumberland skip hire companies

Most skip hire companies commit themselves to recycle nearly 80-90 per cent of the recyclable waste. This is a unique practice that promotes environmentally friendly waste disposal. After sorting and mounting the waste material, they categorize it into recyclable and non-recyclable waste. The recyclable waste is taken to recycling centers while the non-recyclable items are sent to landfills.

There following are some of the items commonly collected and recycled by skip hires:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Furniture
  • Soil
  • Organic waste

How long can you hire a skip?

The skip hire period varies based on the size of the waste disposal task. Some tasks are easy, thus completed quickly, while others may take two weeks. Mostly, skip hire period ranges between 1 to 14 days. Companies will collect their skip once you complete the project, usually within a day or two. However, it’s important to note that skip hire period influences the costs too.

Skip hires safety measures

Once you hire a skip, you bear the burden of ensuring public protection. While the skip hire service providers bear the public safety responsibilities, the more significant part is carried out by the customer.

So, consider the following safety measures to ensure public safety as you load your waste into the skip:

Ensure that the skip content doesn’t bulge out of the skip: This will prevent pedestrians’ injuries, especially when you place the skip in a public area. If you overload the skip, the content might overflow, harming the people near the site being cleared.

Load the items carefully: Start with the heavy objects first, followed by the lighter ones. Place the lightest on the top. This will stabilize the skip, making it firm during movements.

Don’t put any explosive or poisonous waste item in the skip: To avoid penalties and fines, dispose of such items separately.

Ensure that no waste protrudes out of the skip: You’re responsible for the pedestrians’ safety, especially if you’re placing the skip on public property. Therefore, ensure that the skip contains all the content, with none protruding out. Also, surround the skip with amber lights to make it visible, especially at night.

Don’t place the skip in a manner that will block the way: Generally, you shouldn’t put it near gates, on manholes, right outside driveways or any other place that might block the way.

How to take full advantage of your skip hire

Once you get the best quote and choose your skip hire service provider, your time starts to count. Get started as soon as possible. In most cases, people fail to utilize the skip spaces well, thus paying high costs and still leaving a lot of scattered waste on their property.

If you want to take full advantage of your skip hire, discard the waste into the skip, placing them efficiently so that it can wholly get contained. Improper placement of waste will see you losing a lot of space, yet you’re paying for it.

When waste is thrown into a skip, it becomes hard to arrange it. Do the following things to ensure an efficient, smooth and cheap waste disposal process:

Break down the large items: If your items are too heavy or large, consider breaking them into pieces. For example, boxes and furniture are oddly shaped, and they can consume a lot of space which might make you leave some of the waste on your yard. Break them into pieces to create a space for other items.

Start with heavy items: It’s advisable to put the heavy items first, especially the flat ones. This helps create a space for other items on the top.

Place the skip on your driveway: While this helps you avoid permit costs, it’s also helpful in case you forget to put some wastes into the skip. It will allow you to put anything you might have overlooked earlier before the skip hire company removes the skip from your property.

By considering these things, you’ll be creating a way to enjoy the full advantage of your skip hire.

Mistakes to avoid when hiring skips

Regardless of whether you’re hiring a skip for a domestic or commercial project, you must learn the types of waste allowed in it. Many people in Detchant hire skips and put any waste materials in them. To make the whole process smooth and enjoyable, avoid the following mistakes.

Overfilling the skip: This is the most common mistake people in Detchant do. They overload the skip such that wastes spill, some scattering on the property while others drop off on the way to disposal sites. Only load what the skip can carry to avoid fines from your skip hire company.

Focusing on costs: Choose the skip that best meets your requirements rather than the cheapest. Opt for a skip that’s large enough to carry all your waste. If you choose a small skip simply because it’s cheap, you might spend money on two skips, making the whole process more expensive. Also, pack the material carefully and efficiently to utilize all the skip spaces.

Placing the skip in the wrong place: Generally, it’s advisable to place the skip on your property rather than on a public area. Public spaces are generally congested with traffic jams and pedestrians, and the skip may block the way.

Placing the skip on a public space without a permit: This is an offence punishable by law. If you wish to place your skip on a specific public area, obtain a skip permit with the help of your skip hire service provider.

Putting prohibited items in the skip: Avoid putting deadly or hazardous things in the skip. If your skip hire provider finds a prohibited item in your skip, they can charge you extra money to dispose of it as separate waste material. Check with your local council to see the things that aren’t allowed in skips. If you violate the law, you can be forced to pay a hefty fine, so try to abide.

  • An overfilled Skip
  • Skip containing dangerous items
  • Skip with too much items

Why choose a skip?

While there are many waste removal options available in Detchant, skip hire remains the best and most sought solution nationally. This is primarily due to the smooth skip hire process. Upon completion of the project, you can call your skip hire provider to pick the skip.

As stated earlier, skips come in different sizes, measurements and configurations. Thus, you’ve got the opportunity to choose the skip that best fits your project’s needs. Besides, being able to choose the right skip size allows you to pay the amount that best matches the size of your job. So, regardless of the type of waste you want to discard, ensure that you pick the right size to make your job run efficiently.

Detchant skip hire companies are very punctual on skip delivery and pickup. This adds to the skip hire convenience over other waste disposal options. If you’re looking for an efficient and reliable waste disposal solution, skip hire might serve the purpose.

Final Note

The nature of your job doesn’t matter. What matters most is the need to save your precious time and money. If you don’t remove your waste from your property, it might make it inhabitable. If you choose the wrong disposal method, you’ll be risking the environmental pollution and a threat to your health and your loved ones. Skip hire beats all these problems.