Hiring a skip is a convenient and cheap method of disposing of waste. There are items that you can put in a skip and others that you shouldn't. So, what shouldn't you put in a skip?

We've also taken some time to prepare a How much is a 2-Yard skip which details the average price in the UK and per/city. If you don't quite know whether you require a permit or not checkout Do you need a skip permit for your next skip hiring?

Items that can't go inside a skip includes:

  • Cylinders/ Gas bottles
  • Bulbs and Fluorescent tubes
  • Medical items
  • Batteries
  • Freezers and fridges
  • Television Sets

Cylinders/ Gas Bottles

Gas bottles and cylinders are incredibly flammable. They usually contain some minimal amount of pressurized liquid, thus posing a danger to the household.

It is highly advisable to dispose of both the cylinders and gas bottles in your local dump rather than putting them into a skip.  If you have large gas bottles, you may contemplate selling them to your retailer, who will, in turn, refill them and resell.

Bulbs and Fluorescent Tubes

Bulbs are made of thin glass, and they contain gas. It is recommendable to handle these items with care since they may contain mercury. When mercury is inhaled, it is toxic and can cause complications. Besides, it is illegal to mix hazardous waste with any other type of waste.  Bulbs and fluorescent tubes shouldn't be put in skips since they may break to release mercury or even the thin glass, posing a danger to both the household and waste remover.

Medical items

You should not put medical waste such as needles, syringes, or even bandages in a skip. Such items have been used, and they contain germs. Instead, you should dispose of them separately and into a safe place where nobody can reach them.


Both small and big batteries should never be put in a skip. Batteries contain harmful materials and chemicals that may harm you if they accidentally find their way into the body. Damaged batteries are likely to leak potassium hydroxide, and this may pose a significant environmental danger when put in a skip. It is advisable to consult your local recycling company whenever you want to dispose of your batteries.

Freezers and Fridges

If you dispose of your old fridge or freezer into a skip, it is highly unlikely that the skip won't be collected. Old fridges contain harmful hydrofluorocarbon gas. Consider contacting your local recycling company if you want to dispose of your old fridge. The council will recover the hydro-fluorocarbon carbon and utilize it positively.

CRT Monitors or Television Sets

CRT monitors and old television sets shouldn't be disposed of in a skip. These devices usually have curved screens and an extensive plastic cover which extends to the back of the screen. The Cathode Ray Tubes contain a vacuum that may explode when the screen is broken either accidentally or intentionally, and this may cause significant damage to the environments.