Okay let me guess this right, you're looking for a cheap, affordable skip hire company which is in Lincoln? They must have a great customer service, and be on-time when making deliveries?

Does that sound about right? You've guessed it... We've got you covered. This is a condensed list of all the best skip hire companies we could find. Some of them are more suited for commercial projects, in any case they can all serve your needs and requirements for waste management services.

Checkout out our skip hire FAQ as well, there's a lot of interesting questions which has been answered. For example, someone wanted to know whether a skip could be too heavy, or whether you can put microwave in the skips.... There's a lot of interesting answers, available.

Keep in mind that there are more options, but we have considered several factors such as their longevity, their pricing, their services, and their general presence online.

Skip Hire Lincoln

This is one of those companies that decides to work every day of the week in order to ensure that their customers can get the required work done anytime they need it. This has been one of the most essential aspects of their success in this industry.

One interesting service which we haven't actually seen anywhere else is the fact that they've got this service Skip Filling Service where their team fills the skip for you. Haaa I know some you lazy people would love that. I'm sure I would. Sip a cup of tea and relax. Now I just need a foot massage to finish off 😎

They provide a wide range of services, and they believe in the power of offering a quick service with same-day deliveries when needed and requested. If you are looking for fast and reliable service, this is a company that you may want to consider for your needs.

Skip hire Lincoln has available skip sizes ranging from 2-yard to 8 yard. It makes them an ideal company for domestic waste removal for activities such as building renovations.

Skip Hire Lincoln Area coverage includes:

All over Lincoln and surrounding villages.

Additional services includes:

  • Rubbish clearance and tidy up, using skip lorry or vans to clear your junk for you. This service will suit you in case you do not want to use a skip yourself, they will load it and take it away for you.
  • House clearance for all property types and sizes.
  • Office premises clearance, clearing unwanted office items and waste.

Contact them at

Phone: 01522 684 776

Email: [email protected]


With a very reliable business model that has managed to stay relevant and competitive even with the current number of competitors in this industry. Ellgia has received awards for recycling accomplishments, and they have been recognized for theory excellent customer service.

If you are interested in getting a solid service from a company that has been established for a long time, you will find them to be one of the best choices in the area.

Similar to Budget Skips Direct, below, Ellgia also provides skips sizes from 4-yard all the way to 16-yard, which are ideal for various other areas of waste management other than domestic usage. For more information related to skip sizes and hiring enquires, please visit their website: www.ellgia.co.uk

Ellgia Area coverage includes:

Lincoln and surrounding areas.

Additional services

  • Recycling, including: glass, paper, plastic, food, cardboard, inert and wood. Your waste will be separated and transferred to one of their recycling facilities.
  • Hazardous waste disposal, including asbestos, for a safe removal by trained professionals.

Contact them at

Phone: 01223 322799

Lindum Waste Recycling

A family owned business that has been around for 57 years and understands the value of a good service that is efficient and reliable. Their quality assurance as a business has always been extremely important, and they believe in the value of innovation with every service that they provide to their customers.

The most relevant and reliable aspect of the service is that their longevity has allowed them to be a provider that truly understands the needs of their target audience. They made this list due to those important factors.

Lindum waste recycling offers a variety of skip sizes and types. Ideal, they're the sort of company which we would recommend more towards large scale commercial waste solutions, they also have skip sizes for smaller projects.

Available skip sizes range from open-top 6-yard, 8-yard, 10-yard, 12-yard and 14-yard skips, as well as enclosed 8 and 10 yard skips. Roll on/ Roll off 16 yard skips, including high sided, enclosed 40 yard skips. There're more sizes available on their website.

Special services

  • Aggregates, by separating out the re-useable waste materials from your skips in order to create a product that can be used in new constructions.
  • Recycling, with their own recycling facility, segregating your waste further into single waste streams which can then be re-used.
  • Hazardous waste removal, including asbestos, by trained professionals.

Location coverage

Lincoln and surrounding areas.

Contact them at

01522 706 960F.

01522 706 980E.

[email protected]

The Orange Skip Co

A business that has been around since 2005 with experience and longevity that ensures a great service. The Orange Skip Co provides customers with the kind of experience that brings people back for more and the constant upgrades to remain competitive are always a welcome addition.

Their services provide enough options for cleaning and clearance to make them an ideal choice in most situations and this is one of the reasons why they have become such a popular choice in Lincoln and all surrounding areas. Their consistency in providing a great service has also been of paramount importance.

You can find similar skip varieties which is also provided by our No.2 skip provider, Skip hire Lincoln, these are 3-yard to 8 yard skips and a range of additional waste removal services which are listed below.

Special services

  • Mini digger hire (1.8 tonne mini diggers) with various buckets available and piped for a breaker. Driver hire facility is also available with the diggers with fully trained drivers.
  • Grab hire, with a fleet of 8 wheel grab lorries equipped with dual operating controls for loading either side which is ideal for utility work.

Location coverage

Lincoln, Nocton, Branston, Cherry Willingham, Bassingham, Haddington, South Clifton, Nettleham, and more.

Contact them at

Telephone: 01522 696950

Mobile (24 hours): 07904 008808

Budget Skips Direct

Budget skips direct skip loading

Many years of experience make this business an extremely reliable option for those who seek to hire a quality skip service. With so much knowledge in the field, they have been using their skills to ensure that they can continue to deliver the kind of work that keeps customers coming back for more.

They are definitely one of the options that are recommended due to how long they have been in business. This is always a good sign that they know what they are doing, and they provide a quality service. Those factors earned them a spot in this top 5.

Budget skips direct is ideal for garden or house clearances, their 12-yard skip sizes allows for applications in bigger commercial and industrial waste removal sectors. Budget, provides skip sizes ranging from 2-yard skips all the way to 16-yard skips.

Location coverage

Lincoln and surrounding areas.

Contact them at

0330 1130 700

[email protected]