Here's a compiled list of the best skip companies available in Bradford.

Ladies and gent, don't forget to have a look at the ultimate skip hire FAQ to find out the answers to questions such as the average skip hire price in the UK and how much you can get the smallest skip for.

No.1 – Myers Skip Hire

Myers is a family owned company which has a vast network of skip hiring services across the country. The biggest issue with companies has to be with online presence. They’ve got one of the best we’ve seen.

You can e-meet their team on their website, there always on-call to answer your queries.

Back to business, if you’re a domestic customer then you’d probably be interested in the Wait & Load service which is offered. For Myers Skip, this means they’ll deliver and wait 20 minutes for you to load the provided skip until its take off by the driver without needing any sort of skip permit.

Skip sizes include Mini (2 yard), Midi (4 yard), Maxi (8 yard), enclosed skips and 20 yard, 30 yard and 40 yard Roll on Roll off Skips.

For commercial customers (and domestic customers), there’s an online portal which is available to manage all of your orders in one place and any queries which you may have also there’s a live chat agent which is great because you can instantly start getting support whilst you’re on their website.

Keep in mind that you can keep skips from Myers, for a period of 2 weeks (14 days) and 24hr - 48hr notice should be given to make changes to any orders (bookings, replacement, collections, etc...) which you’ve placed.

Myers Skip Hire area coverage map

Myers area coverage include:

  • Almondbury
  • Highburton
  • Fenay Bridge
  • Kirkburton (full list available on their website)

Additional services include:

  • General Waste Bag for Hardcore Waste Bag and Plasterboard Waste Bag
  • They also sale Block Lifting Slings and Block Lifting Loop Pair
  • Aggregates such as Premium Topsoil, Paving Sand and Crushed Stone are available for purchase. There're more options on their website.

Contact No.: 01484 435244

Email: [email protected] or (get a quote)

No.2 – Kar Skip Hire

Kar, based in Bradford, is a waste management and skip hire company which provides the following skip sizes: Mini (2 yard), Midi (4 yard) and Maxi (8 yard) skip sizes available for domestic users, including 20 yard, 40 yard skips for commercial clients.

Similar to our other Top 5 skip companies, they’ve got a great recycling plant which is able to produce ready products from collected wastes. We love the environment and every company that does, needs to promoted on our top 5 lists. You can find some recycled and resold wastes on their website.

Asbestos removal? They’ve got you covered. Where most skip hiring companies would tend  to keep away from Asbestos, of course, because of the health risks, Kar is able to provide safe removal of these dangerous wastes.

Pending demolitions? To save costs, instead of hiring skips, why don't you make use of their grab and hire service. This is similar to the Wait and Load services provided by other skips companies.

Wait and Load, usually means that once the service is booked, they'll collect the waste, load it  and leave with it. Which is quicker and cheaper compared to skip obtaining a skip permit.

Additional services include:

  • Grade 1 topsoil
  • Grab hire and tip hire
  • Demolitions

Contact No.: 01274 686 844

Email: [email protected] or (get a quote)

No.3 – SBT Skip Hire

SBT is one of the leading skip hiring companies with over 18 years in waste management, disposal and recycling.

Next, they cover all waste disposal and waste management for commercial and industrial businesses or local companies that are producers of large amounts of waste.

SBT area coverage include:

  • Bradford
  • Leeds
  • Harrogate (full list available on the website)

Their wastes are recycled in their Yeadon waste management and recycling facility, any remaining materials that cannot be recycled are transferred to third party waste disposal companies.

SBT provides skips in the sizes of Mini (2 yard), Midi (4 yard), and Maxi (8 yard to 12 yard). Roll on Roll off skips between the sizes of 25 yard and 40 yard which is very useful for large building projects.

Contact No.: 01274 611 247

No.4 – Forge Skip Hire

Forge, offer services throughout West Yorkshire, starting from £144.00 (Inc VAT), making them one of the cheapest and probably one of the most transparent companies covering Bradford.

Forge provides a really simply website which provides all the information needed to quickly get you ordering. No need to request a quote you can find out costs of skips straight away.

Keep in mind that you’d be charged £20 per/week for every week the skip is kept after the initial contract period. Furthermore, if its being delivered to a private property make sure not to change the location of skip to avoid any disputes.

Moreover, a variety of skips, including Midi (4 yard), Maxi (8 yard), Jumbo (14 yard to 16 yard), enclosed skips and Roll on / Roll off skips from 20 yard to 35 yard, which is very useful for large construction projects. You can find more skip size information on their website.

Forge area coverage include:

  • Aberford
  • Cross Gates
  • Moortown (full list available on the website)

Contact No.: 0113 3207960

Email:  [email protected] or (get a quote)

No.5 – Peter Noble Skip Hire

Peter Noble are specialized in domestic and commercial waste removal. They are an independent, family-run business providing professional skip hire services at affordable prices.

Available skip sizes include Mini (2 yard), Midi (4 yard) and Maxi (8 yard) skips, which are great for domestic projects such as construction waste, garden and general household waste.

Peter Noble area coverage include:

  • Bradford,
  • Bingley,
  • Guiseley (full list available on the website under "A reliable skip hire company..." header)

Additional services include:

  • Waste disposal for Demolitions and Plastics this includes Shed clearances

Contact No.: 07973 258 476 (Bradford) / 01274 580740

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