Find out more about how these Jellyfishes can reverse ageing

Turritopsis species can change its form and reverse its ageing process. Researchers are studying to see if it could apply to humans.

T. dohrnii is found around the world, especially off Italy's coastline.

  1. This species prevents its death every time it faces any damage. It forms a cyst-like ball and settles on the bottom. The cyst changes into a polyp and forms a new jellyfish.

The jellyfish cells undergo a trans-differentiation process. The process occurs when an adult cell matures into another cell.

Trans-differentiation allows the jellyfish to revert to a younger life cycle. It occurs in a time span of several days. This makes it difficult to understand the genetics of the process.

Scientists goal is to understand its genetics. The jellyfish has been studied for its beneficial medical properties. Researchers are analysing jellyfish for their treatments in muscular and genetic disorders.