Average UK Skip Hire Prices and Sizes

Skip hire prices vary across the UK, but on average you could be looking at a cost of £104 for 2-yard, £145.75 for 4 Yard and £206.88 for an 8 Yard skip. This should answer your questions related to how much a skip should cost (on average) per day. Check out our cheap skip hire guide to save more money.

How much is the smallest skip?

2-yard skips are one of the smallest in the market. Prices start from £60 based on your location.  

What size Skip do I need?

The most commonly used skip sizes are 8 Yard and 4 Yard. To calculate the right size for you, you can use full bin bags as an example. If you think you'd require 20 full bin bags 20/10 = 2 yard if you think you'd require 60 full bin bags then 60/10 = 6 yard for more information please refer to our blog a guide to UK skip sizes for additional information on what size skips you should hire.

How long can I keep a hired skip?

The minimum length of time you can hire a skip for is 7 days, we'd advice informing the skip hie company before, though you can normally extend your engagement for as long as needed.

Keep in mind that if the skip is being placed on a public road then you'd need to reevaluate your skip permit and renewal it if needed.

Can I hire a skip for a day?

Yes. This is normally known as "wait and load" the skip operator waits at an agreed location for 30 minutes, whilst you load the skip with as much rubbish as possible.

Keep in-mind prices may vary if you exceed the agreed waiting time. Checkout other related services such as "grab hire" if you've got large heaps of rubbish ready to be cleared.

Why can't you put a mattress in a skip?

Mattresses are classified as a hazardous material because of the various amounts of chemicals such as Boric Acid, Antimony and Halogenated Flame retardant which they're made from. For this reason, you can't take a mattress to the skip unless the skip operator is able to handle hazardous waste.

What size Skip do I need for a double mattress?

Found a skip operator that can take double mattresses? Next you'd need to request for a 2 Yard or 3 Yard mini skip to have this removed.

How can I get rid of a bed?

There're various methods of disposing of old beds. Let's go through the list based on difficulty:

  • Find a skip operator that can remove old mattresses, they'll be able to take care of the whole bed.
  • Contact the store which you originally ordered the bed from and have them collect the old pieces.
  • If your bed is still in great shape and condition, you can use alternative methods such as donating or re-selling your bed on services such as Gumtree or Facebook marketplace.
  • Dissemble and take the full set of your bed to a tip to have it properly disposed. You'd need to find your nearest local tip.
  • Arrange with your local authority for a collection. This normally includes additional fees as the service is not free.

Can you put old carpet in a skip?

In general, yes you can place carpets in a skip. Though, if it's not made from Polyester, then there's much more environmentally friendly options such as recycling, available to you.

How many tons is a 12 yard Skip?

A 12 yard skip can hold 12 tonnes, which is equivalent to  3 SUV cars, or 2 Elephants (email us for a better comparison).

What does a 4 yard Skip hold?

A 4 yard skip can hold a maximum of 4 tonnes, this is equivalent to an SUV car, based on the weight or 40+ bin bags based on capacity.

Is a 4 yard skip big enough?

A 4 Yard skip is big enough to fit 40+ full bin bags. Which is perfect if you're doing remodelling of your rooms such as the kitchen, living room and also garden renovations. You can use the diagram below to see what a 4 yard skip looks like.

4 yard skip size. Source: ringwoodskiphire

Can I put green waste in a skip?

Yes. You can put green waste, garden waste and shrubbery in a skip. Biodegradable materials which grow in your garden are all classified as green waste. Building materials such as wood, bricks and concrete which are also found in the garden, can be mixed in the skip.

How high can you pile a skip?

skip maximum capacity example

As a general rule of thumb, pile the skip until it reaches the sides. Make sure that items put inside a skip don't move around easily or fall-off especially if its sharp objects such as sticks, metals and mirrors as these could easily cause a very serious public heath risk, as the skip is being transported.

Can a skip be too heavy?

It depends. As long as you don't overfill the skip, weight isn't something you should be worrying, more so, for non-industrial projects. However, you can use the skip yards as a gauge in tonnes. Where an 8 yard skip can carry 8 tonnes which is equivalent to 2720 standard bricks.

How much weight can a skip lorry lift?

A bit tricky. You'll be provided with a skip lorry which can lift the maximum capacity of the skip size you've ordered. i.e. if you've order a 12 yard skip, the lorry provided would be able to lift over 12 tonnes, vice-versa.

How wide is a skip lorry UK?

Skip lorries are 6.82m Length x 2.97m Width, Roll on / Roll off lorries are 8.8m in Length x 2.97m Width.

Will a skip damage my driveway?

Placing a skip on your driveway (even if it's made from tarmac or block paving) can and will most likely damage your driveway. To mitigate these risks, place blocks of wood on the floor to equalize the weight of the skip, this will prevent, absorb and decrease the probability of any damages whilst its being loaded and moved.

Can you put a skip on a sloped driveway?

Avoid at all costs. Sloped driveways are very dangerous when it comes to placing a skip on them. Mainly because when the skip is being collected, there's probability of it swinging as its being loaded, which could cause damages to your driveway and the skip operators vehicle. Alternative locations could be the garden, or get a skip hire licence, but in either case do alert your skip hire operator.

Can you put bin bags in a skip?

You can put bing bags in a skip. However, you need to be careful about the contents of the bin bags. Ensure that it doesn't contain any hazardous material which could be harmful; finally, remember that electrical waste (WEEE), oil and medical waste are classified as hazardous.

What can you not put in a skip UK?

Materials which are harmful or hazardous to the environment are prohibited from being placed in a skip without consent from the skip operator. These include (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Plasterboard
  • Tyres or Batteries
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Gas Bottles & cylinders
  • Asbestos
  • Mattresses
  • Clinical waste, Human waste or Animal wastes of any kind.
  • WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) which includes Fridges, Freezers, Microwaves, TVs, Laptops, Printers and any other related electronic component.
  • Liquids, solvents and oils of all kind. This includes (but is not limited to) petrol, diesel, cooking oil Hydraulic oil and empt containers or cans which were previously used to store these materials.

Can you put an electric oven in a skip?

Since electrical ovens are classified as WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) waste, you still won't be able to put these in the skip, unless the skip company has the necessary licence to properly dispose of these.

Can I put a microwave in a skip?

Unfortunately, microwaves are also classified as WEEE waste which needs to be taken to a recycling centre to be properly disposed off.

Can you put a washing machine in a skip?

Washing machines are also classed as WEEE waste. Curry's can provide you with appliance recycling either in-store or when you're getting a new equipment being delivered to your house.

Can you put dog poo in a skip?

No. This will most likely lead to a breach of contract which could incur extra charges. Animal wastes especially faeces, are not permitted to be placed anywhere near a skip.

Can I put tarmac in a skip?

Yes. Tarmac (Asphalt) is a highly recyclable material which can be sorted, crushed and used to create new eco-friendly roadway aggregates.  

Why can't you put plasterboard in a skip?

The Environment Agency states that plasterboards must not be mixed with other biodegradable materials, because of its ability to be recycled and reused for agricultural purposes. Finally, plasterboards contain gypsum-based materials, along with high sulphates which can negatively react with various chemicals such as hydrogen.

How much room does a skip lorry need?

For a safe delivery and collection, skip lorries require between 3 m or 10ft however if you're placing the skip in a tighter location, request for a lorry with lifting mechanisms, which would allow the skip to be strategically placed in harder to reach locations.

Can I mix garden waste and household waste in a skip?

Yes. Mixing different types of wastes (which are allowed) in a skip is not a problem. The skip operator will send these to be sorted,  re-used or recycled when possible.

What's the biggest skip you can hire?

The biggest commercial skip you can find on the market are 40-yard Roll on / Roll off skips. These are usually 20ft (2.29m) Long x 8ft (1.52m) Wide x 8.5ft (1.07m) High, and prices start from £350+ and above.