Some waste items are hard to dispose of- you can’t just pop a propane canister into a green bin for the garbage collectors to take away. Instead, you should find the most ethical method to dispose of the gas canister.

So, how should you dispose of it? The following options will help you dispose of your used up or damaged propane canister safely.

1. Handle them carefully

Propane canisters require careful handling and disposal. Even if the cylinder appears to be empty, it still contains some residue of propane, which is highly flammable. Therefore, don’t open the cylinder to let the gas out.

2. Recycle the gas canister

Most gas cylinders can be taken to a local household waste center for recycling. Here, the canister is emptied and the components recycled separately. Contact your area recycling center to check if they charge for the disposal of non-household waste.

3. Return to the gas supplier

Gas suppliers primarily own most gas cylinders used in the UK. If you no longer use your gas canister, you should return it to the owner who will check it before refilling for the next customer.

People who lose the original agreement or inherit the canister can still take it to the gas company. However, misplacing or losing the agreement leads to the loss of the deposit that you had originally paid. The gas supplier will then dispose of the canister following the approved guidelines at an authorized disposal site.

4. Discard the damaged canisters

Whether your gas canister is dented, rusted, expired or damaged, it’s illegal for the gas company to refill it with propane. That means that the best option is to discard the cylinder.

5. Dispose of your old canisters at a municipal transfer facility

The United Kingdom has numerous municipal transfer facilities and regular collection events where you can dispose of your gas cylinder safely. To find a gas canister collection facility near you, please visit your local propane tanks waste collection authority.

How to handle an expired or damaged propane canister

The high pressure inside the propane canisters makes them unsuitable for recycling with other household items. If handled carelessly, any residue gas can cause fire or explode at the recycling site or landfill. Therefore, you must dispose of your gas cylinder via a certified company whose personnel are skilled in handling gas canisters.

Be Responsible

Returning used propane canisters to the retailers for reuse is one of the most environmentally friendly ways of disposing of the cylinders. Dispose of your damaged canister responsibly to avoid fire accidents and gas explosions at the dumping sites. By returning your used propane canister to the owner or disposing of it using a reputable waste collection company, you'll rest assured that it's properly sorted and discarded in the safest way. Besides, most companies recycle used propane canisters and recover the waste gas for recycling.  Check your local government's website for more updates about how to dispose of your household hazardous waste.