Plastic waste has become an environmental nightmare. The insane disposal of plastic packaging has been the primary contributor to the massive plastic wastes that the world is slowly sinking into.

Unfortunately, the planet is heavily suffering from humanity’s negligence. It’s sad to note how most people throw away polystyrene packaging on the streets without giving it a second thought. As a result, plastic products have started to fill the oceans and threaten the planet’s future. If you’re unconscious about the environment’s sustainability, you may understand why leaders shouldn’t ignore the waking nightmare of improper plastic waste disposal.

Luckily, millions of homeowners are increasingly becoming savvy about recycling and ensuring proper disposal of plastic waste, including packaging materials. Global industries produce millions of tons of plastic packaging products, and unless we devise appropriate ways of disposing of them, the world will suffer a severe waste crisis soon.

You may probably find it hard to dispose of your polystyrene packaging because you aren’t sure about polystyrene recyclability. We’ve got your back, and we’ll guide you on how to recycle your polystyrene packaging safely to save our planet from plastic pollution.

1. Use it to make a household superglue

Polystyrene takes many years to biodegrade. However, it’s 100% recyclable. If you’ve got polystyrene packaging to dispose of, why don’t you use it to make serviceable glue? You need to mix packing peanuts with limonene. The oil’s solvent will break down the polystyrene, and you’ll end up having a sticky substance that works well like real glue.

2. Keep the polystyrene packaging and for reuse as raised beds for patio

You can make excellent DIY raised beds for the patio from large pieces of your polystyrene packaging. Such plastics make elegant gardens. If you want your traditional bedding plants to look great, use polystyrene pieces in the garden.

3. Make an outdoor bunting

Polystyrene plates get chucked and dirt the environment if disposed of carelessly. However, if you wash them, they create handy crafting materials. Cut the bases of your used polystyrene plates into small triangles and thread them on your garden twine.

4. Create models for your kids

Molded polystyrene pieces can create impressive model buildings. Glue on the pieces and make a house model for your kid.

5. Make your own presentation mounts

If you’re a crafter, your polystyrene packaging should serve as a cheap way to display your home made goods. Polystyrene is an excellent option for displaying hat pins, brooches, and badges. Simply cut your big box packaging into two halves. Place the halves oppositely and glue a fabric off-cut on the top to tuck the cut edges neatly beneath. You’ll end up with an impressive presentation mount.


It’s hard for manufacturers to stop producing polystyrene. However, we can recycle polystyrene packaging into valuable products for our household use and save the planet from sinking into the plastic garbage crisis.