There has been a massive production of plastic since it got incepted in 1907. The uncontrolled production has seen the plastic dominating the planet, most of which ends up in oceans and landfills.

However, it’s agreeable that plastic waste isn’t bad. How plastic is disposed of is what creates the negative environmental impacts. The best thing to make the universe a better place to live is by changing our simple habits about how we dispense plastic waste.

The following are some strategies you can use to dispose of plastic waste at home.

1. Recycling

People suffer a common problem when disposing of plastic. Most of them find the plastic recycling concept mythical, thus they have to go through painful processes of burning plastics or taking them to landfills.

Nearly all plastics are recyclable, and if you’re willing to change your plastic waste disposal habits, you can create new and useful things from them. For instance, you can recycle plastic such as polyester to make several things like bags, T-shirts and shoes.

Recycling plastic is the best way to minimize environmental pollution and the strain on natural resources. It doesn’t need the government intervention to facilitate the process, but what matters is the little change we make towards our plastic consumption and dispensing patterns.

Follow these simple guidelines to recycle plastic waste at home:

  • Wash the plastic product with clear water after using it
  • Crush the product
  • Store it separately from wet waste
  • Handover the dry plastic waste to your local council or plastic agents.

2. Segregate your waste

Segregation is a critical factor for an effective plastic waste disposal. By segregating the waste at the source, it will be easier to manage, and will help clean the environment. Precisely, keep plastic waste from organic and liquid waste to facilitate the handover to the recycling centres.

3. Use non-recyclable plastic for composting

Some plastic wastes are non-recyclable. But where do you take fruits and vegetable peels after preparing that tasty meal? Most people compost the food waste, and if they’re creative enough, they can find a perfect way of disposing of plastic through the composting process. A plastic waste can serve as a cheap composter.

4. Repurpose

Before throwing your plastic waste away, check to see if you it can serve a purpose at home. For instance, you can a plastic container as a plant pot to decorate your yard.

5. Re-evaluate your food storage

Plastic wrap, baggies and storage containers are worth re-thinking. Instead of using sandwich baggies, why don't you use a cute tiffin or bento box? Such options can significantly help reduce the amount of plastic waste you generate at home.

Plastic isn’t bad, but we dispose it determines the impacts it will have on our environment and global aesthetics. Recycling, repurposing and creative application of plastic waste can help dispose of plastics safely at home. Behaviour change is the prerequisite of a habitable world and pollution-free environment.