In homes and businesses, there is paperwork that we use in our daily operations. After some time, the papers become useless, and unless we dispose of them, they continue piling up. We must adopt strategic plans that will enable us to discard these paper wastes properly. Besides, adopting the best disposal method will ensure that our private and sensitive information doesn’t land in the wrong hands.

If you’ve got an office, you will most likely use a paper shredder to cut the unwanted papers into pieces before chucking them out. When shredding the papers, do it keenly, as an identity thief can still piece the document together, especially if you’ve cut it into long strips.

By just dumping the paper waste into a bin, you put the safety of the details printed on it at risk. It’s crucial to adopt a disposal method that will ensure that the information on the paper document is completely destroyed.


Paper shredders are among the most effective options for paper waste disposal. However, their effectiveness is determined by sizes, shapes, and qualities. Generally, the best shredders are the most expensive, so if your budget allows, go for the one with a high price tag. Besides, high-quality shredders can shred a high volume of paper quickly and efficiently.

When buying a shredder, note the following key points:

  • Large amounts of paper require the best shredder. Low-priced shredders can only allow you to shred a maximum of five documents at a time. Therefore, you’ll spend a lot of time on them, because you’ll be feeding the papers slowly by hand.
  • The cheapest shredders bear the greatest risk of leaking your sensitive information. If you’re buying a shredder to use at home, opt for a mid-priced one.
  • If you don’t intend to invest in a shredder, or if you’ve got a massive volume of papers, hire the service of paper destruction and disposal company. The service cost is low, and the business will allow you to watch the papers as they get shredded; thus, you’ll be sure that nobody can piece the document together to access the details.

If you choose to shred your paper using a shredder, follow these steps carefully:

  • Check the size of your shredder to determine the amount of paper it can handle. Smaller shredders can only handle approximately five documents at a time. Don’t feed the machine with excess documents.
  • Check the shredder’s manual to see the things that it can’t shred. Some small machines easily jam if you try to feed it with an envelope.
  • If your machine jams, reverse it. Standard shredders have a reverse mode to allow you to remove the jam.
  • After shredding your papers, turn off the machine to prevent the motor from overheating.
  • Store the shredded papers safely for recycling
  • Recycle the paper waste. If you don’t intend to recycle, you can burn it or dispose of it in a rubbish bin.

These steps will help you dispose of your paper waste safely and efficiently without worrying about exposing your sensitive information to risk.