Have you ever wondered what people do with the medium density fibreboards (MDF) wastes they produce at home or workshops?

Disposing of MDF waste may seem simple, but an average homeowner can tell you how challenging it can be, especially where small quantities are involved. Most people opt to burn the waste believing that it’s too little to have a significant impact on the environment. While this may prove to work, the smoke may deny the neighbours the comfort they deserve. Should you choose to incur losses and hire a commercial waste service to dispose of your MDF waste in an eco-friendly manner?

If you’re having challenges getting rid of small quantities of MDF waste, it’s safer to put it into your car and take it to a local tip than burning it. Most people dispose of the waste as domestic garbage from projects. Just fold the seats down your car mate and time between 12-1pm when the staff is in the cabin having lunch. Alternatively, you can chop the MDF waste and put it into the wheelie.

There are limited options for disposing of MDF. Due to the hazards caused by irresponsible disposal of the scraps, recycling is the best option for anyone who cares about environmental safety.

Here are safe ways to get rid of your MDF scraps.

1. Recycle the waste

There is a new recyclable medium density fibreboard (MDF) that could dramatically solve the UK waste problem. Today, the UK produces almost 1 million tons of MDF waste that can industries engineer use to create valuable furniture and other wood products for homes, offices and businesses.

Medium density fibreboard mimics the wood. Thus, if you take your MDF waste for recycling, it can be used to make furniture which will substitute the plywood ad solid wood. The following are the benefits of having MDF furniture:

  • It’s cost-effective: MDF furniture is eco-friendly because it’s made from waste wood. Besides, it’s more economical compared to furniture made from plywood or solid wood. MDFs are commonly used to fabricate shelves, tables, wardrobes and lightweight beds.
  • Smooth finish: Since MDF furniture is factory- made, it can be finished with materials such as spray paint, real wood veneer and laminate

2. Make easy drawer dividers

If you’ve got MDFs to dispose of, you shouldn’t worry about rummaging around with old drawers. You can use the MDFs to make dividers for your kitchen, craft area or bedroom to keep your things organized. You can even write labels on the dividers or paint them to boost your items organization.

3. Create vertical plant hangers

Use the MDF to showcase your potted plants on your patio or porch. Keep it square for plants’ pots to sit on top.

4. Make an eye-catching decorative wall

MDF can help decorate and make a small room interesting. Get different sizes of MDF scraps and some paint to create a three-dimensional wall. You can even use this project on a back splash, outdoor or fireplace wall.

5. Ring toss game for kids

Small scraps of MDF can bring hours of entertainment. Assemble the scraps, a thin rope, electrical tape, dowels or PVC and leftover piping to make a classic ring toss game.

Recycling is the best disposal option for MDF waste. While you may opt to burn the waste, the smoke can pollute the environment and create discomfort for the neighbourhoods. If you’ve got some MDFs to dispose of, consider taking them to a local furniture manufacturer.