Did you know that people dispose of over 1.3 billion tons of kitchen waste every year? This figure only accounts for the foods wasted through cooking and consumption. Suppose we include the food wastage that occurs at the farming, processing and retailing levels. In that case, we can understand why the planet is said to be gradually sinking into the garbage crisis.

But humanity is increasingly becoming aware of the essence of proper kitchen waste disposal. People have been sending such wastes to landfills. When the massive layers of organic waste decompose, they emit harmful greenhouse gases like methane, resulting in adverse environmental conditions such as global warming.

Our planet’s safety is heavily determined by what we do with our waste. More importantly, every home should devise proper disposal of its kitchen waste instead of trashing it. Luckily, such waste isn’t hazardous, and we can easily manage it at the household level even without outsourcing it to local recyclers or municipalities.

In this article, we’ve discussed various ways of disposing of kitchen waste safely without harming the environment.

1. Composting

Are you looking for a green way to dispose of your kitchen waste? Try composting. Simply get a small compost bin and place it in your kitchen. Put waste items like leftover foods, potato peels, fruits and vegetable wastes, tea bags, and coffee grounds.

Microorganisms break down the waste materials into organic matter that you can use to enrich your garden.

2. Put it into a conventional trash bin

If you don’t have access to a garbage disposal, you don’t have much option but to dispose of your kitchen waste in garbage. Unfortunately, kitchen waste in conventional trash bins get really odorous fast, and they can create a breeding site for germs. So, ensure that you wash your hands with soap and plenty of water after coming into contact with the bin.

3. Feed it to animals

If you own a farm, then you shouldn’t worry about where to take your kitchen waste. Animals like goats and pigs will feast on your fruits and vegetable peels, leaving you without anything to dispose of in the garbage.

Animals can’t feed on everything that comes out of your kitchen, but they can eat many items that you could have thrown into the garbage. Even if you haven’t reared animals, you can donate the waste to your neighbours who have them.

4. Convert it into biogas

Kitchen wastes hold untapped potential for creating a waste-to-energy system through anaerobic digestion. The process uses bacteria and other microorganisms to degrade the waste’s organic matter to methane that can be used to generate heat, fuel, and electricity.

5. Put the waste into the garbage disposal

This is probably one of the commonest ways of disposing of kitchen waste. Simply get a garbage disposal unit and place it under your kitchen sink. If you can’t install the unit by yourself, consider calling an expert to do it for you. However, it’s important to note that not everything can go into the garbage disposal, so you’ll have to use this method alongside another one, such as a conventional waste bin.

There are many more ways in which you can dispose of your kitchen waste. If you utilize these little tips, you’ll be able to deal with all garbage generated in your kitchen.