Many property owners hate grass-covered lawns. So, if your lawn is grassy, consider mowing it, simple.

But the main challenge isn’t how to mow your lawn, but how to dispose of the grass clippings after work. Fortunately, technology has advanced, and it’s easy to get a solution to the problem. You just add a bag attachment to the mower to pick up the grass clippings as you mow. Very simple, isn’t it?

Once the grass is collected into the bag attachment, the next puzzle is how to handle it. Throwing away the grass isn’t the only option you have, but it might help you devise more sustainable disposal methods. So, what’s the best disposal option for the grass clippings? Read on to find out.

How to dispose of grass clippings at home

1. Compost the grass

Composting is one of the most excellent ways of getting rid of grass waste. The grass is a green material, and it’s rich in nitrogen. Therefore, adding the clippings to your compost pile is a great way to strike a healthy carbon-to-nitrogen balance.

2. Donate the grass to local farmers

I live in an area with a bunch of farms and I can tell you that grass clippings are more valuable than most people think. Just announce that you’ve got clippings to give away, and you’ll see farmers flocking to your doorstep. Farmers use grass clippings to feed their animals and add some to their compost piles. If you don’t have a space to compost your grass, contact a local farmer to collect it, and they’ll take the grass load off your hands. They might reward you with a mug of milk one day.

3. Dispose of the clippings in a yard waste container

There are numerous garden waste collection companies in the UK. Contact your local collection company to find out if it allows grass clippings in yard waste containers.

It’s important to note that yard waste containers aren’t the same as normal waste bins. Yard waste collection and disposal is an extra service that’s charged separately. So, don’t put grass in regular garbage because it contributes a lot to the growing landfills. Besides, the waste collection company may decline to pick up your waste if it finds out that you’ve mixed the waste with grass clippings.

4. Reach out to a local gardener

If you still have some grass clippings remaining after striking out with local farmers, you can contact a local gardening business to pick them up. Most gardening businesses collect grass clippings for composting. Some use the clippings as mulch, and using them to dispose of your grass won’t cost you a cent.

5. Leave them on your lawn

If you don’t want to engage in any other disposal option, you can consider leaving your grass clippings on your lawn. Just ensure that you cut the grass regularly and that the lawn isn’t diseased. The clippings will enrich your soil with nutrients, making the lawn more beautiful and healthier.

Leaving the grass clippings on your lawn is cheaper than bagging them. Once you cut the grass, there will be no more work on your part. Besides, a bag attachment isn’t needed on the mower. It’s like disposing of the grass clippings on your own lawn for free.

Final Note

There are many ways of getting rid of grass clippings. While leaving them on your lawn is the best and cheapest option for some property owners, it may be undesirable to some people. Since we’ve provided you with plenty of disposal options, you can choose the one that makes sense to you. Thanks to our detailed list.