Did you know that the UK industries are responsible for more than 1 million tonnes of electrical waste generated every year? If we include the domestic wastage in these statistics, we can get the figure hitting 2 million. Many of these waste items contain hazardous elements, and if they aren’t disposed of carefully, the environment and the public health might be at risk.

Fluorescent bulbs and tubes top the list of the most disposed of waste in the world. But why? Most households are transitioning from incandescent lamps to fluorescent bulbs due to their energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness. However, the more we use these bulbs, the more we have massive, fluorescent bulb wastes to dispose of.

When to dispose of a fluorescent bulb

Typically, fluorescent bulbs have a long lifespan, and they can serve you for over 20,000 hours. Once the bulb is ultimately used up, it will die and won’t light up again. This is the right time to replace and recycle it.

How to recycle fluorescent bulbs near me

There are many recycling centers in the UK. Many of them accept fluorescent bulbs as recyclable materials. You can recycle your used fluorescent bulb through these options:

1.Contact your local waste collection agency

Most waste collection agencies and recycling centers in the UK recycle fluorescent bulbs. To find the hazardous waste collection and recycling centers near you, use the Earth911 search tool. Generally, if your local recycler accepts electronics and batteries, they can also accept CFL bulbs.

2. Find a recycling center online

Most online recyclers provide customers with mail-back containers to put used and damaged CFL bulbs. They offer you an easy way to recycle your bulb waste without spending a lot of time looking for a qualified recycling center near you.

3. Dispose of at a local hardware store

Many hardware stores have recycling programs where homeowners can drop off their used fluorescent bulbs. Contact your local hardware store to learn more about their CFL bulb recycling policies.

4. Seek recommendations from friends

If you’re removing a used CFL bulb from your business, you can ask a friend to recommend a waste recycling facility in the region. These facilities provide you with appropriate containers in which to store the bulbs safely. They then collect them for recycling.

5. Head to a Batteries Plus Bulbs Store near you

These stores are found everywhere in the UK. Find a store in your area and drop off your bulbs in it. If you can't find one, search online for "Batteries Plus Bulbs Store in..." and insert the name of your town. Once you drop off the bulbs, the store will dispose of them appropriately for you.

Generally, energy-efficient bulbs shouldn’t be disposed of in general trash bins as the mercury contained in them can cause serious damages if broken. According to the UK WEEE Directive, waste items such as fluorescent bulbs and lamps should be recycled at the end of their lifespan.