Dispensing your own motor oil may never sound kind, but it’s a worthwhile and fulfilling action. It’s a DIY project that gives you extra peace of mind and promotes self-reliance, especially if you’ve your job done by an expert. However, most people overlook this car safety aspect, either by ignoring the essence of an oil change or disposing of used motor oil incorrectly.

So, how should you dispose of your engine oil? The following are a few essential steps you should follow:

1.Contain the used oil

The first step is to catch the used car oil but safely. As you drain the crankcase and remove the oil filter, it’s vital to catch every draining oil drop. You can use a drain plug to prevent some oil drops from ending on the ground. Absorb any oil drop on the ground with an oil-absorbent powder and clean with a degreaser. Degreasers are the best oil stain removers.

2. Prepare the old motor oil for transport

Place the old oil in empty oil containers. You can also use a clean metal or plastic can for the purpose, as long as it has a tightly sealed lid to prevent leakages. It’s advisable to use the original container that came with the oil you want to dispose of.

Don’t mix used motor oil with antifreeze, differential fluid, or other automotive fluids because oil recyclers may refuse oil mixed with other fluids.

If the lid doesn’t seal the container properly, wrap the oil container in plastic rubbish bags.

3. Donate

Before disposing of your used engine oil, call a friend to see if they can take it for reuse. Donating old motor oil is the best way to bring it back to life.

4. Check if your local area has oil recycling facilities

Before you determine where to take your used oil, contact your local recycling centre to see if they can accept it. Most recycling facilities in the UK accept used oils, even those drained from old cars. But don’t assume the facility in your area accepts them. Please check with them first.

Don’t pour used oils in drains or throw them in the rubbish. According to EPA, old oil contaminates over 1 million gallons of water, so be vigilant on how you dispose of the waste.

Here are a few options where you can dispose of your used oil:

5. Recycle, reuse and reduce

Proper disposal of used motor oils has numerous environmental benefits. You can help preserve oil contamination by recycling, reusing, or reducing oil waste.

Oil Pollution

Motor oil is a hazardous pollutant, so it’s essential to dispose of it well in a clean container that’s clearly labelled. The original container is the most suitable for the task. With this guide, it's now easier to safely dispose of your old engine oil. If possible, consider recycling the oil at home or give it to a friend.