How should you get rid of construction debris? Not all trash should be thrown into the trash can. Suppose you’ve got a large amount of construction waste that you want to dispose of, or you’ve got construction items that are prohibited by your local garbage hauler.

Before thinking of throwing such trash into the bin, consider finding the right disposal option for them. Some construction debris like plasterboard and asbestos are incredibly hazardous to the environment and human health. So, be careful when handling them.

Below we will discuss the various options you should consider when disposing of construction debris. Let’s get started.

1. Hiring a skip

Some building materials can’t be reused or recycled, and the only remaining option is to dispose of them. Hiring a skip is the most practical and effective method of removing huge amounts of construction junk. Skip hire companies have different sizes of skips, and you can choose the best size that will hold all your waste.
It is also advisable to hire the right number of skips to separate the waste. Some materials are recyclable, while others are non-recyclable, hazardous, or non-hazardous. You should dispose of these wastes differently.

Before hiring a skip, check to ensure that the skip hiring company is licensed to perform the waste collection task. Some companies dispose of the waste irresponsibly and subject you to the payments of a landfill tax.

2. Find a local demolition contractor

The environment and landfills are clogging up with garbage, so it’s essential to divert your construction debris from landfills whenever possible.

Look for possible ways to reuse the materials. If possible, donate or recycle the debris. Never dump your construction waste illegally. It does not only boost the clean up costs but also exposes human health to risks. Besides, it decreases property value.

3. Put a “free” sign beside the debris

If you can’t use your construction debris, someone else may have hundreds of ways of reusing it. Letting people know that you can give them the materials for free is an excellent way of disposing of the waste freely and in an eco-friendly manner.

People have a great demand for wood, asphalt, concrete, aluminium, and corrugated cardboard. If you put a “free” sign beside these items, it will only take a couple of minutes to see the construction site clean.

4. Contact a local junk removal service

There are numerous junk removal services in the UK. If you’re unable to reuse, reduce, or recycle your construction waste, consider finding a waste removal service near you.

5. Donate

Construction debris isn’t necessarily useless. If you’ve got no way to reuse it, find someone who needs it. Fortunately, donating the waste shifts transport costs from your shoulders to the beneficiary.

Are you looking for a safe way to dispose of your construction debris? This guide has provided you with the various options you can try. Some options like reducing, reusing, and recycling junk are excellent ways to reduce construction waste being disposed of in landfills. If you no longer need your remnant construction materials, consider donating them or taking them to recycling centres where they can be used constructively.