Disposing of waste at business premises may prove more challenging than getting rid of domestic waste. The problem is probably due to the inability to get the real definition of commercial or business waste.

If you’re a business owner, the garbage you generate is classified as commercial waste. Whether you’re running the business at home, the trash you produce is different from what you generate from your kitchen. For instance, you may run a property rental firm or child-minding business from your home. Therefore, the waste you produce will be disposed of differently from other types of waste, such as yard trimmings and food waste.

What is business waste?

Business waste (also known as commercial waste) is the waste generated by businesses on their premises. So, the waste you produce on your trade site, educational center, recreational facility, entertainment establishment, or office is classified as commercial.

The commercial waste also includes garbage produced from demolition, industry, agriculture, and construction.

It’s often hard to determine what types of trash fall under the business category. If your business produces food wrappers, retail packaging, cans, cardboard, and paper, you should dispose of it as commercial waste.

Legally, you should dispose of commercial waste in a specific way. For instance, you can’t take commercial waste home and throw it in your domestic trash bin.

If you’re having challenges discarding waste from your business premises, keep reading to learn more about how you can get rid of the trash safely and in an eco-friendly manner.

Your business’ role in responsibly disposing of commercial waste

As a business owner, you should strive to recognize your responsibility in enhancing safe waste disposal. Disposing of your commercial waste wrongly is not only illegal but also leaves detrimental impacts on the environment. It’s essential to collect, sort, and dispose of the trash properly to prevent it from being fly-tipped and thrown in landfill sites.

Many businesses dispose of their waste in landfills, building up and polluting the environment surrounding the site. Besides, the improper disposal of commercial waste makes wildlife suffer, both in the ocean and on land.

Therefore, it’s vital to discard your business waste correctly. If you can’t dispose of the waste yourself, consider hiring a reputable waste management company that knows how to dispose of waste according to the state’s guidelines.

A step-by-step guide on how to dispose of commercial waste

Follow the following steps to dispose of your business waste safely:

Step1.      Put the waste in the right containers to prevent it from escaping

Step2.      Label the containers to show the type of waste they hold

Step3.      Cover the container to prevent the waste from blowing away

Step4.      Store different types of commercial waste differently to prevent them from contaminating each other

Step5.      Store the commercial waste in a secure place

Step6.      Issue a waste transfer note to the environment agency or an enforcement officer from your municipality

Step7.      Contact your local waste organization if you’ve got any inquiry about how to dispose of commercial waste

Step8.      Choose a registered waste carrier to dispose of your waste

When getting rid of commercial waste, it’s essential to do it responsibly to protect the environment, wildlife, and human health from contamination. Also, choose your waste carrier carefully because many legal procedures and requirements must be followed when disposing of business waste.