A wheelie bin may provide you with a long storage solution for your garbage. But suppose you need to dispose of the wheelie bin itself? You’ll have to worry about how to get rid of it before facing the challenge of where to get a new one.

Some people throw away their wheelie bins once they break. It’s not always easy to determine how you can get rid of such waste without harming the environment.

If you’ve got an old wheelie bin that you need to dispose of, there are several options you can try.

Besides, the wheelie bin may still be functional, but your municipality has withdrawn its services to usher in recycling boxes or sacks. Still, you may have an idle garden waste bin that needs disposal. How will you handle it?

This article provides you with safe disposal options for old and damaged wheelie bins. Read on and learn how you can safely dispose of yours.

1. Try to fix your wheelie bin

Most people can’t use their wheelie bins simply because they’re broken. But it isn’t a sufficient reason to make you discard yours. Why don’t you try to fix it first? Fixing your broken wheelie bin can help you save the money you could have spent looking for a replacement.

It’s easy and more cost-effective to fix broken lids, handles, and hinges than throw away the whole structure in preference of a new one.

If you find it hard to repair your wheelie bin, find some free tutorials on YouTube, and you’ll see how easy it is to do the job.

2. Reuse its plastic parts

Some local governments have withdrawn wheelie bin services in favour of recycling sacks and boxes. This has left many homeowners wondering what to do with their bins.

Plastic wheelie bins are strong and resistant to damages. The plastic material used to design them is versatile and indestructible, making it ideal for this specific job. However, it’s this versatility that makes plastic a potential environmental threat.

3. Give it to a friend

The best way to deal with your plastic wheelie bin is to gift it to a friend or someone who may fix it. They may repair the bin and use it in the following ways:

  • Drilling some holes in it to make a compost bin or water butt.
  • Using it as dry storage for woodchips, nets, plastic sheets, and plant pots.
  • If they’ve got a wood burner, they can use the wheelie bin to store firewood.

Reusing and donating your old wheelie bin is the best way to protect the environment from plastic pollution.

4. Recycle it

Your wheelie bin may be broken to the extent that it can’t be fixed. In such a case, it would be wise to send it to a local recycling centre. There are many recycling centres in the UK where you can drop your wheelie bin. However, most of these facilities have disposal limits and don’t accept more than two wheelie bins from the same home or business.

5. Contact your municipality for guidelines

Usually, recycling facilities collaborate with municipalities and waste management companies. So, consider contacting them for more guidelines about how you should dispose of your old wheelie bin.

Final Note

Disposing of your old wheelie bin shouldn’t be a complicated issue. As you’ve seen, these options aim at preventing you from fly tipping your old or damaged bin. If you try to implement one of them, you’ll be a step ahead in conserving our environment.