Did you know that vacuum cleaners are among the must-have items in every household? The UK household stores sell over 5 million vacuums every year.

But regardless of how well you take care of your vacuum cleaner, it’s essential to know that it has a life expectancy, and you’ll have to get rid of it at some point. Disposing of spoilt or old vacuums is a difficult task, and it has been a serious challenge to most homeowners.

Most people are tempted to dispose of their waste vacuum cleaners to their recycling bins hoping that someone will collect them and dispose of them correctly. City councils collect the vacuums and burn them. But these vacuums contain hazardous substances, and when they burn, they emit gases that degrade our planet.

Unwanted vacuum cleaners form a significant part of the e-waste and are among the fastest-growing types of waste. Therefore, it’s important to recycle them correctly to prevent their impacts on the environment.

How to recycle a vacuum cleaner

The following are some safe recycling options for vacuum cleaners. Please note that choosing any method is far much better than disposing of the vacuum through the city council.

1.Try to fix it first

Before you replace your vacuum cleaner, try to fix it first. It might save your money and the resources you could have spent walking from one appliance store to another looking for a suitable replacement. If it’s irreparable, consider recycling it.

2. Send it to a local electronic store

Most electronic stores accept old vacuum cleaners from homeowners and recycle their parts. For instance, brushes, nozzles and hoses are removed, washed and sold.

Electronic stores will pay you for the vacuum, although you shouldn’t expect much from it. For instance, they can take your hose for a few dollars. But isn’t it better than giving it away for free? Some parts, like vacuum belts, will give you a higher amount because they’re rare to find.

3. Local recycling centres

Most vacuums are reusable. Thus, instead of worrying about how to dispose of yours, you can dispose of it at a recycling centre near you. Various parts such as hoses, cords, plastic parts and body housing can be recuperated and used to make other products such as traffic cones and shampoo bottles.

4. Donate it to someone

Your vacuum may be inappropriate to your needs, but giving it away to a friend may give it a new life. If it’s still operational, consider giving it to someone else who might need it.

5. Sell to a local scrapyard

Some scrapyards will pay you to recuperate your vacuum’s metallic parts. Based on the type of metal they want, you may pocket a few pounds for it. Although this isn’t much, you’ll end up getting a free coffee from it. Fortunately, you can still make more money from other parts.


Vacuum cleaners are non-biodegradable, and recycling them is the best disposal option. If you recycle your vacuum cleaner, you’ll encourage your neighbours to do the same. Although dropping off the vacuum cleaner in a recycling bin is easy, recycling it offers countless benefits. Does it sound impressive? Recycle your vacuum away and save our planet from pollution.