How should you store you waste engine oil? Some people believe that used engine oil can be stored forever. They could be right, but it’s best to keep it for 3-5 years. However, there are numerous stories online of people saying that they’ve stored their oil for over a decade, and they’ve never had any issue using it in their vehicle.

Do the manufacturers recommend the right storage period for engine oil? Yes, and you can find this recommendation in your car engine oil manual. Storing your engine oil for ten years will soon make your car a jalopy.

Some people have no issue with waste motor oil storage, but how to dispose of the bad oil after removing it from the engine is a puzzle. Should they toss it into a drain and wait for the rain to wash it away? Some dispose of their waste engine oil on the ground without knowing how it adversely affects the environment.

This article provides you with proper ways of storing and disposing of used engine oil. The methods are safe, and if you follow them keenly, you shouldn’t experience challenges reusing the old engine oil or finding the right sites to discard it.

How to store and dispose of Old Engine Oil

1.Store it in a cool dry place

When storing your old oil, don’t be concerned about how long it will last, but the right conditions for it to last longer in your store. Storing your oil in an area with extremely high temperatures exposes it to damage risks. While pure engine oil can last for long, the additives included in it influence its conditions and functions.

2. Check if the oil is still usable

Some car owners store engine oil beyond the period recommended by manufacturers. To check if the oil is usable, pour a small amount into an empty oil container and see if it has a separation, solidified gel or milky color. Such signs are the indicators of ineffective oil, and you shouldn’t store it any longer. Dispose of the oil.

3. Find a reputable engine oil vendor

Even if you find someone selling a colossal crate of motor oil for a reasonable price, purchase it without worrying about the damage risks. Store it in a cool, dry place. Engine oil can last for years if stored under the right conditions.

4. Dispose of it as hazardous waste

After draining your old motor oil, dispose of it properly. Don’t throw oil containers in regular rubbishes as the used engine oil is hazardous. When you throw the oil container in a landfill, the oil sinks into the ground, contaminating the soil.

5. Find a hazardous waste recycling facility near you

Many recycling facilities in the UK accept old engine oils, whether outdated or recently drained and recycle it. Once the oil is recycled, it’s purified and distributed for reuse.


Proper storage of used engine oil can make it last for over five years. Don’t be afraid to stock up when you find a big crate of oil being sold at a great price. Once the oil is outdated, dispose of it properly to a recycling centre, and you’ll take pride in protecting the environment while getting rid of the old engine oil.