The 8-Yard skip, is the largest of the Builder skips. It's the most common skip size which is ordered online, this is because of its versatile usages of carrying extremely large amount of waste making it perfect for massive home improvement and commercial projects.

How much is a 8-Yard skip?

An 8-Yard skip costs an average of £246.29 across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Prices vary based on your exact location, whether it's going to be delivered on-road or off-road and the cost to obtain the necessary licences.

We've prepared the ultimate skip hire FAQ which has a lot of answers to queries such as how high you can pile wastes in a skip, public health hazards and whether it's possible to hire a skip for a day. Checkout our 10-Yard skip hire prices  if you're interested in getting a bigger skip.

Here's a list of skip hire prices per/city

  • £228.00 in Leeds
  • £236.00 in Sheffield
  • £241.20 in Manchester
  • £231.60 in Birmingham
  • £255.60 in Nottingham
  • £248.40 in Liverpool
  • £283.20 in Bristol

It costs more to get a Skip in Bristol. This is currently £283.20 compared to Leeds £228.00 making the latter £55.00 cheaper.

Don't forget that Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment, WEEE, are classified as hazardous wastes. This includes washing machines, Ovens and Tvs You only need to ensure that the skip operator has the necessary licences needed to Safely recycle these appliances.

What size is a 8-yard skip?

8-Yard skip example
8-Yard skip size

An 8-Yard skip can contain more than 80+ bin bags filled with commercial, industry and domestic wastes. This includes greenery and soil, rubble, concrete and many more waste types. The image above gives an example of what an 8-Yard skip looks like.

The size of an 8-Yard skip is  182cm (6ft) Width x 137cm (4.5ft) Height x 365cm (12ft) Length