A 6-Yard skip, also referred to as a builder skip is useful when it comes to doing a full building renovation especially for domestic usage. If you're looking to hire this skip to handle greenery or garden waste, it would be too big. If you're looking for cheap local skip hire prices and what to expect, you're in the right price.

How much is a 6-Yard skip?

The average 6-Yard skip costs £225.51 (Inc VAT) in the UK. The exact cost of a skip would be determined based on a few factors such as City, Town, Duration of hire and whether it will be placed on-road or off-road. Skips which are placed on the public highway require a skip permit.

Luckily there's nothing to worry about, it's the responsibility of your skip operator to obtain a skip permit for the address which it's being delivered to. Though, you'd need to inform them of this, which would mean an increased skip price based on the cost to obtain a skip permit.

Take a look at  our 8-Yard skip hire prices. If you've got a few more unanswered questions, we've created the ultimate skip hire FAQ which contains a heap of answers to questions such as whether you can put green waste in a skip or how much weight a skip lorry can hold.

Here's a list of skip hire prices per/city

  • £200.00 in Leeds
  • £213 in Sheffield
  • £280 in Manchester
  • £206.40 in Birmingham
  • £220.80 in Nottingham
  • £206.40 in Liverpool
  • £252.00 in Bristol

Leeds provides some of the most competitive prices in the UK. They've got the lowest price (£200.00) for a 6-Yard skip, whilst Bristol has some of the most expensive prices in the UK at £252.00 for a 6-Yard skip.

A vast majority of skip operators in the UK are not licensed to handle hazardous waste. Don't forget to inform the skip operator, if you'd be placing items such as clinical wastes, electrical wastes or plasterboards in the skips.

What size is a 6-yard skip?

6-Yard skip example
6-Yard skip size

The image above is an example of a 6-Yard skip and how it looks like.

You can fit more than 60+ full bin bags in a 6-Yard skip. The dimensions are 152cm (5ft) Width  x 122cm (4ft) Height x 305cm (10ft) Length