The 4-Yard skip which is known as a Midi skip (Medium), similar to its smaller counterparts, can be used for home and garden (green waste) clearance. Its perfect if you're renovating multiple rooms in a property. For example, a full kitchen and bathroom refitting. This would be big enough for this sort of projects.

How much is a 4-Yard skip?

The average price for a 4-Yard skip hire is £141.28 through the UK. What does this mean? It means you're getting a bargain for anything under this price. Keep in mind that the price varies based on your precise city and postcode.

Have a look at our 6-Yard skip hire prices. We've also prepared an ultimate skip hire FAQ that has answers to questions such as whether it's possible to put a mattress in a skip and a complete guide on how to dispose your used beds.

Here's a list of skip hire prices per/city

  • £115 in Leeds
  • £129 in Sheffield
  • £150 in Manchester
  • £130 in Birmingham
  • £155 in Nottingham
  • £150 in Liverpool
  • £160 in Bristol

Leeds has the lowest skip hire prices in the UK, compared to Bristol which is really prices. You can expect to pay £45 more for a skip if you're located in Bristol compared to Leeds. Guess what the joke is? You can get the same 4-yard skip in London for £140.00. It'd be interesting to see what some of you think about this.

Don't forget to let your skip operator know if you're interested in disposing hazardous waste. Skip hire companies require a specialist licence to handle hazardous goods. If you don't inform them it could incur unnecessary legal and possible public health issues.

What size is a 4-yard skip?

4-Yard skip example
4-Yard skip size

The picture above show what a 4-Yard skip looks like.

The 4-Yard skip can fit more than 40+ bin bags. The exact measurements are 129cm (5.3ft) Width x 97cm (2.9ft) Height x 183cm (8.3ft) Length