The 20-Yard and 40-Yard skip. The biggest and most expensive of them all. If you're looking for a cheap skip hire option for these sizes, you're not going to find them.

I guess you're asking why? This is because almost every skip hire company which rents out the 20-Yard and 40-Yard Roll off / Roll on skips, do so on a deposit bases.

Before looking at the prices for these skips, you'd need to know some hidden costs involved.


Most skip companies charge a haulage fee. This is the cost to transportation to and from its destination. Haulage costs are usually between £95 to £150 based on distance between delivery location and the skip operator.


A deposit is usually taken before any further action can continue. As an example, if you request to hire a 20-Yard or 40-Yard skip, a deposit of £1,000 would be taken upfront before the skip is allowed to be delivered.

How much is a 20-Yard and 40-Yard skip?

The actual price range for hiring these skips is usually between £300 to £450 based on your location and skip operator.

Next, if you proceed to hire a 20-Yard or 40-Yard skip, you'd need to pay £300 for the cost of the skip, a £1,000 deposit (refundable), and a haulage cost of £95. The deposit would cover you up to 3 tonnes for most skip hire companies.

Remember that you'll have your full deposit returned as far as the total weight of waste, that has been put inside the skip is under 3 tonnes. If this goes to, for example, 5 tonnes, then the total cost of the skip would move from £300 to £500, the extra £200 charge would be removed from the deposit.

This means at the end of the hiring process you would have £800 from your £1000 deposit returned.

If you're looking to hire a 20-Yard or 40-Yard Roll on / Roll off skip, we've prepared Common services offered by skip hire companies articles which details all the services available to you. Why not use them to save money?

Fun tip, did you know that if the skip operator supplies aggregates, you can ask them to fill the skip with quality assured concrete, glass sand or topsoil to save you some money?

If you're finding this article helpful, send us a picture of your 20-Yard and 40-Yard to our email skips and the recycle percentage of the waste. It would be shared with our Eco-friendly audience, in a struggle to improve waste management in the UK.

What size is a 20-Yard skip?

20-Yard skip example
20-Yard skip size

The size of a 20-Yard skip is: 2.23m (7.3ft) Width x 1.62m (5.3ft) Height x 6.07m (19.9ft) Length

What size is a 40-Yard skip?

40-Yard skip example
40-Yard skip size

The size of a 40-Yard skip is: 2.23m (7.3ft) Width x 2.69m (8.83ft) Height x 6.07m (19.9ft) Length