A 2-Yard skip, also known as a mini skip or simply a small skip is perfect when you want to take-on tasks such as garden rubbish removal, office clearance or end of tenancy removal.

How much is a 2-Yard skip?

For most cities in the UK, the average cost of a 2-yard skip is £92.28. One of the biggest impacts on skip costs is the location which you're based. As you can see from the list below, costs fluctuate severely based on location.

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Here's a list of skip hire prices per/city

  • £60 in Leeds
  • £70 in Sheffield
  • £79 in Manchester
  • £85 in Birmingham
  • £90 in Nottingham
  • £108 in Liverpool
  • £154 in Bristol

You can find the cheapest 2-Yard skip in Leeds, whilst Bristol has some of the most expensive skip costs in the country. No matter where you're based you should be able to hire a 2-yard skip for under £100.

There's a few things that you can't put in a 2-Yard skips, most importantly ensure that the products you're disposing do not contain batteries as this is classified as a hazardous waste, which could incur extra charge.

What size is a 2-yard skip?

2-Yard skip size
2-Yard skip example

A 2-Yard skip is big enough to fit more than 20+ full bin bags, which is excellent for small clearance projects. The picture above demonstrates what a 2-Yard skip looks like.

A great use for a 2-yard skip, is if you're doing a kitchen refitting. It's the perfect size, there'd be no need to waste more and use bigger options. I personally know some friends who use these for small DIY projects, they're just the right fit for the job.