The 12-Yard skip, also known as a Jumbo skip or a Large Builders skip, is best suited for commercial users. It would be too big for a single room/office refurbishments this is the sort of skip you would use on whole building renovation.

How much is a 12-Yard skip?

12-Yard skips are normally priced at £362.91 throughout the country. Though you can find them at cheaper prices. The total cost is primarily determined based on your actually location, where the skip will be placed (private property or public property) and how long you'll be renting the skip.

We've prepared a 20-Yard and 40-Yard skip hire prices if you're looking at going bigger, this includes our ultimate skip hire FAQ. We've answers questions such as what you can't put in a skip, and additional details about the weight of a 12-Yard skip.

Here's a list of skip hire prices per/city

  • £402.00 in Leeds
  • £300.00 in Sheffield
  • £410.40 in Manchester
  • £296.40 in Birmingham
  • £344.40 in Nottingham
  • £393.60 in Liverpool
  • £393.60 in Bristol

For the 12-Yard skip, Manchester and Leeds has some of the highest 12-Yard skip prices in the country, whilst Birmingham has the cheapest skip costs at £296.40, which is around £114.00 cheaper.

If you're one of those individuals that live Birmingham, then you're in luck when it comes to cheap skip hire costs.

Keep in mind that Asbestos, Electrical waste, and Paint tins are classified as hazardous waste. These more expensive to dispose and only a limited number of skip operators are licensed to remove this sort of waste.

What size is a 12-yard skip?

12-Yard skip example
12-Yard skip size

A 12-Yard skip can hold more than 120+ full bin bags. This sort of skip is usually only used by commercial and industrial users. The image above demonstrates how a 12-Yard skip looks like.

The size of a 12-Yard skip is 198cm (6.5ft) Width x 198cm (6.5ft) Height x 396cm (13ft) Length