The 10-Yard skip, is commonly used in commercial waste management and waste disposal activities. It's the smallest skip size, In the Maxi group of skips.

How much is a 10-Yard skip?

The average cost of a 10-Yard skip is £361.02 across the UK, however location and delivery placement of the skip (on-road and off-road), also play a big part in determined the final costs of the skip.

It can be a bit tricky hiring a skip, especially if it's your first time. Don't worry we've got you covered. We took time to prepare ultimate skip hire FAQ which answers questions such as whether a skip will damage your driveway or if you can even place it on a sloped driveway.

If the 10-Yard skip isn't big enough, then definitely checkout our 12-Yard skip hire prices which includes measurements so you can verify whether this will be correct match.

Here's a list of skip hire prices per/city

  • £412.80 in Leeds
  • £267.60 in Sheffield
  • £412.80 in Manchester
  • £283.20 in Birmingham
  • £468.00 in Nottingham
  • £303.60 in Liverpool
  • £379.20 in Bristol

Based on the data provided above, you can see that Nottingham, Leeds and Manchester has some of the highest 10-Yard skip prices. If you're one of the lucky few who live in Sheffield, you'd be able to find 10-Yard skips for the cost of £267.60, which is one of the cheapest, location-wise, in the nation,

Don't forget that you need to confirm with the skip operator whether they can handle hazardous waste. There's an increasing number of operators who don't have the required licences needed to safely dispose waste types such as Oils, Solvents, and Tyres, which are all considered as hazardous waste.

What size is a 10-yard skip?

10-Yard skip example
10-Yard skip size

The 10-Yard skip can hold more than 100+ full bin bags. This is suitable for extremely large commercial and industrial waste removal and clearance. Take a look at the picture above to see what a 10-Yard skip looks like.

The size of a 10-Yard skip is 180cm (5.9ft) Width x 150cm (4.92ft) Height x 366cm (12ft) Length