Most people hire skips without knowing the skip hire time limits. Renovation and building projects require prior planning to determine how long you can keep a skip and any other tool relevant to the waste removal task in your custody.

I'm sure you're packed with skip hire queries and you need answers now! That's why we've also taken some time to prepare The ultimate skip hire  guide to shed some light on these questions.

How Long can I Keep a skip on my Driveway?

Some companies lease their skips for up to seven days. If you make prior arrangements, you can keep it on your drive for a more extended period, usually up to 14 days. Individuals who need to keep the skip for long should notify the skip hire company to get the best pricing option.

When hiring a skip, the hiring company arranges the most suitable time for picking and dropping off the skip. If you want to keep the skip for a longer period, it is imperative to note that additional rental charges may be imposed on the standard fee.

Things to consider for long-term skip hire:

Skips hire companies allow you to keep the skip on your drive longer than a day to make the waste removal process safe and efficient.

  • Enclosed skips are preferred if you need to keep them on your drive for more than a day.
  • You can keep the skip for more than a day, known a precise amount of days that's needed for your construction activities and add contingency time, is key in saving you time and hidden fees later on.

The exact period depends on the skip hire company

Regardless of how long you wish to keep a skip on your drive, getting a good skip hire company will help you determine the best hiring choice. There are various options for long-term skip hires, and the company will advise you about the best position to keep the skip on your drive.

Besides, how long you can keep a skip on your drive will depend on the size you wish to hire. For instance, skip sizes below 16-Yard typically get hired for seven days. For skips sized 20-Yard, 30-Yard, and 40-Yard, you can hire them on a contract basis, which can be for any duration based on the issues contract.