Join us on our first of many recycling competitions, where students will be able to win the prize for the best articles related to recycling, waste management, pollution, global warming and in general, the environment.

We believe that keeping recycling relevant and bringing awareness, is one of the key techniques needed to ensure an increasing recycle rate.


We've created the GetSkip Recycle Month, which will be running from 20th October to 8th of November every year. In this period, students will be asked write a 1500-word article talking about; Recycling, Global warming, increasing green-house gases in the atmosphere, The environment (most be related to recycling), or Plastic pollution.


  • 1500-words
  • Must include citations
  • Should be creative, engaging and informative. What would you like to know, or do to help make a change? Are there any photos or illustrations?

Articles should be sent as a PDF attachment, and any photos included in the article should also be attached separately.

  • Send your articles to: [email protected]
  • Subject: GetSkip — Recycle month — [Enter your name]

What are the Prizes?

There're 20 positions available for students to win.

  • Winning 2 gets £75 each
  • The 8 runner-ups will get £35 each
  • Finally, the last 10 runner-ups will get £10 each

Whether you've been able to make it as a winner or not, the most creative stories will be share on our website on a weekly basis, to bring awareness, throughout the whole year!

GetSkip — Changing the world together!