Here's a few tips which can save you a lot of money on your next skip hiring assignment.

Use known companies

  1. Based on your city, use companies from our top 5 skip hire list. You can find this here.
  2. Make use of "Wait and Load" services if they're available.
  3. Skips can usually be hired for 7 or 14 days. Always inform the skip company 24hrs in advance, if you need it for longer.

Whether you're located in Birmingham, London, Leeds, Bradford or Manchester, we've actively correlated the best skip companies and cheapest skip hiring companies for each city. This is to give you the safest user experience possible. Don't be a lab-rat with companies that no one reviews, dislikes or speaks about.

Most companies in our top 5 skip hire list provides a Wait and Load services. This means that they'll arrange skips to arrive at your site, give you about 30-minutes window to fill as much waste as possible before they leave with the waste to be recycled.

Wait and Load is helpful when you're short on time/space or getting a skip permit isn't possible. Furthermore, it's often cheaper than hiring a skip for 7 or 14 days. To add this, checkout: Do you need a skip permit for your next skip hiring? To save you some headache in-advance.

Bonus tip: Know the skip size that you need so you don't overpay for unnecessary space. Skip sizes are measured in cubic yard, from 2 yard to 35 yard. Think of each yard as a bin bag filled to the max with waste.

If you think you'd need 20 full bin bags, filled with waste then: 20/10 = 2 yard would be the perfect skip size for you. This is also the minimum skip size available in the market. If you think you need 40 full bin bags to accommodate the waste, then: 40/10 = 4 yard It's really that simple.

Always get a second opinion. The market is very competitive and you're sure to save extra bucks by making that extra call.

Use guide prices

We've prepared a Skip Hire prices in the UK by cities to give you an estimate of what you should be paying, based on your location. Make sure to use this to help you sauce out the deals and to find out whether you're being ripped-off or not.

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