Skip hire is the best and most convenient way of waste disposal. Whether you’re removing your garden waste or old furniture, there are numerous skip hire companies that will render you their services.

Although most household and garden wastes can go into a skip, there are several things that skip hiring companies prohibit in their skips. Don’t get surprised when your service provider gives you a list excluding tyres as one of the items you shouldn’t put in the skip.

Tyres are hazardous to the environment, and the environment protection agency is strict on what skips can hold. Therefore, before you request a skip quote, please consult with the company to check what you can put in it.

Can you put tyres in a skip?

Tyres disposal is cumbersome; thus, skip hire companies don’t allow them in their skips. Instead, you can dispose of your old tyre through other options such as recycling, donating, and repurposing them.

How to dispose of tyres

Getting rid of old tires is cumbersome. That’s why skip hire service providers prohibit customers from putting them in their skip. Therefore, you have to find other methods of disposing of your tyre. The following are some ways you can try.

1. Take them to a local recycling centre

Check with the local authority to see if they have a recycling scheme. If they have, take your old tyre there, and it will be reused in making other products. However, local councils limit the number of tyres they take from a customer, and they charge a nominal fee. Check the nearest recycling centre to you and dispose of your tyre cheaply.

2. Exchange your old tyres with new ones

Usually, tyre-fitting and car servicing firms accept tyre trading, where they take away old tyres from customers and fit new ones on their cars at a nominal fee. The little charge covers the transport, storage, administration, and licensed waste carrier costs. If you consider all this coverage, you’ll realize that this disposal is worth a trial.

3. Repurpose the old tyres

You might take a lot of time and energy to take your tyres to recycling centres. Instead, you can simply repurpose them. Give them to your local zoo, sports club, or play park to serve different useful purposes. For instance, old tyres are used in zoos to enrich the intelligence of animals such as monkeys and big cats—besides, little monkeys like swinging on tyres at parks ☺️

Tyres are excellent exercise equipment in sports clubs where the military and athletes use them to practice their racing skills. So, instead of worrying about being prohibited from putting them in skips, consider donating them to the facility.

4. Use them to create new things

Upcycling your old tyres can save them from ending up in landfills. Why don’t you use them to establish a DIY project? DIY stools, sculptures, and tyre planters are among the many ways you can reuse your old tyres.