After removing household and garden waste from your home, would you like to dispose of the soil too? Many people clear out everything they think can go in a skip, leaving the soil back, not knowing that skips can hold the soil. Before you request a quote and arranging for a skip, it is good to check what is allowed in it.

While not all waste can get into a skip, the soil does not pose health and safety issues; thus, you can put it in too. Before calling the local council to collect the soil waste from your house, check with the skip hire first.

Can you put soil in a skip?

Absolutely yes! Skips are perfect solutions for soil disposal. As long as the soil isn’t contaminated, you can put it in a skip for disposal.

Contaminated soils

It is worth noting that while the soil is allowed in skips, contaminated soils with hazardous materials such as paint, solvents, and oil cannot get into a skip. Ensure you adhere to these restrictions to avoid meeting unnecessary disposal costs.

Mixed with soil skips

These skips offer the best soil removal solution to individuals who want to simultaneously dispose of various kinds of waste. This skip is perfect if you are disposing of little bits of waste items, such as:

  • garden waste
  • greens
  • old furniture

After loading these wastes, you can add the soil you want to dispose of. This minimizes the costs and time taken to hire a separate skip or an alternative rubbish collector.

Skip hires allow you to mix 80% of soil with other rubbish. As long as you adhere to the set restrictions by various skip hire companies, skip remains the best soil removal option. Read on guidelines on what you can put in a skip and what requires other disposal methods.

How much soil can you put in a skip?

The size of the skip itself determines the amount of soil you can put in a skip. If you are mixing soil, bricks, and other massive wastes, it’s imperative to hire a large-sized skip.

Besides, a larger skip will hold a large amount of soil, reducing the need to hire two skips. Also, it’s advisable to hire one large skip rather than several smaller skips, as it limits the area needed for skip positioning. Large skips are also economical.

Also, checkout our blog on whether you can put Garden Waste in a skip it has a full list of materials which are permitted.

Skip sizes for soil removal

The following heavy inert soils require the biggest skip (6-Yard). However, this depends on the skip hire and the size of their lorries:

  • hardcore
  • concrete
  • sand
  • bricks

If you are disposing of lightweight soil, larger skips (12 or 14-Yard) are more suitable as it becomes challenging for the skip lorry to pick it up while already loaded. Loaded skips may damage the pavement, road, or driveway while being picked on to the lorry.

It’s essential to discuss with the skip hire company to determine the right skip size for your soil. Prior planning and arrangements save you money, as you can dispose of the soil at a discounted price.

Guess what the best thing is, when you dispose Soil via skip hire? It gets recycled into useful fertilizers and aggregates that can also be used for landscaping.