When it comes to waste removals, many people worry if everything will fit in a skip. However, they don't think much about mattresses until they have loaded everything into a skip, and they have now got into a crossroad, not knowing whether they should include them too.

When disposing of your mattress, it takes a lot of time to determine the best way to do it. Mattresses are among the trickiest heavy household rubbish items that need careful disposal because you can't put them in a skip.

While some people decide to put their old mattress in a skip despite this restriction, they pay extra monies to cover the skips operators' additional costs.

Can you put a mattress in a skip?

Unfortunately, you can't put a mattress in a skip due to its bulkiness that poses a transportation threat and extra disposal charges. Instead, you can have it collected by the council or donate it for reuse.

Although you may have used your old mattress for years, its bulkiness makes it hard to handle. The same way you find it challenging transporting or turn the mattress on your bed, you will find it heavy and uncooperative when loading it into a skip.

Fortunately, you don't need to dispose of your mattress every year as it is one of the most frequently used items in your household. Even if you sleep on it 1,000 nights, you will still find it usable for the next two-three years.

When putting other household waste in a skip, check if your old mattress can serve you for one more year. The Sleep Council suggests that you should replace your mattress every six-seven years. 

But what happens if you get another high-quality mattress that provides better comfort? If you got this mattress first, you would comfortably use it for decades without worrying about mattress disposal skips.

Still, a time comes when you need to bid farewell to your foam-clad friend. That's where the real headache starts.

Reasons against putting mattresses in a skip

  • Most skip hire companies don't accept mattresses, and they advise you to dispose of your old mattress differently from other general rubbish. If they allow you to put it in their skip, they will charge you extra money to dispose of the mattress as a different waste item.
  • Mattresses are among the most fly-tipped items, and it would be heartbreaking to wake up one day only to find that someone has dumped their old mattress in your skip.
  • Skip hire companies also reject mattresses as they pose safety issues. Old mattresses stick on the top of the skip, extending above the fill line. The item's bulkiness hinders the safe transportation of the waste to the treatment facility.

For more reasons, checkout our Can you put Anything in a skip? Which provides a 2 minutes guide on allowed waste materials that can on a skip.

How to dispose of your mattress

Although you can't put your mattress in a skip, you shouldn't worry. There are easy ways to dispose of the item without incurring any cost. The following are the primary disposal options:

  • Recycle, Reuse and Reduce: If the mattress is still in good condition, look if someone needs it and donate it to them. Ask them to come for it to avoid transportation costs to its new home. Some local charities take mattresses that are clean and in good condition. You can also take your old mattress to a local Recycle group and get new users.
  • Council collection: Check if your local council collects mattresses. Arrange for its collection, and you will have it disposed of for free.