Most people don’t dispose of their garden waste because it’s compostable. However, you may not have room to facilitate the process in your backyard, requiring you to dispose of the waste away from home.

We encourage people to dispose of their garden waste responsibly to protect the environment. If you want to dispose of your garden waste, you can contact a skip hire, where you can even hire a skip at a discounted price. Checkout our report on Factors influencing waste management behaviours to see how you can help.

Skips are efficient clean-up tools for gardens requiring a bit of TLC, and large landscape where large projects are coming up. If you have such a landscape, be sure that you will have a massive clear out.

Like most household waste, garden waste is disposable in skips. While you wonder what to do with all that rubbish, the waste disposal means should never be a problem. Skip hire companies allow you to put all garden and green waste in their skip.

Can you put Garden Waste in a skip?

Yes, you can! A skip is the best solution for garden waste disposal. It is faster and more cost-effective than any other garden waste disposal method.

Materials classified under Garden Waste

The following materials are considered as garden waste, and you can put them in a skip when clearing out your garden:

  • Soil, bark, lawn, wood chip and turf
  • Patio materials, plant pots and garden furniture
  • Rubble, slabs, hardcore materials and bricks
  • Branch clippings, twigs, shrubs, leaves, weeds and grass

Checkout our What can you not put in a skip blog for more information.

Why choose skips for Garden Waste removal?

While you can choose other garden waste removal procedures such as the council’s collection services, a skip is faster and more reliable. It is cheaper than any form of waste collection service.

Sometimes, you may be tempted to hire a van or man service, but when you check the price, you start getting worried about continuing to see the waste piling up in your garden. Such services require you to pay labour and garden waste disposal fees separately, making the process even more expensive.

On the other hand, skip hire has reasonable charges, even for massive garden waste disposals. A skip allows you to clear up your space thoroughly and at a reasonable price.

No strict compliance

If you choose the bin collection way, you will have to comply with the several things put in place by the service. Bin collectors require you to wait for the right hour and day for the rubbish collection.

However, skips are different, as you can load your garden waste any time or day, based on the urgency of the process. Besides, skips come in varying sizes, and you can choose the right size that will hold your entire garden waste, contrary to the council-approved bins that are continually getting smaller.

Choose the right skip hire company

Choosing the right skip hire will help you decide on the best skip size that will hold all your garden waste. If you chop, cut, snap and fold your waste, you will get a smaller and cheaper skip that won’t demand a lot of time, money and energy.