Skip hire is an easy and affordable solution for rubbish disposal. However, you may hire a skip to remove waste from your property, only to end up getting confused about what to put in and what to leave.

There are numerous wastes that you can put in a skip due to their harmlessness. Still, some items such as Hoovers are harmful to the environment and skip hire companies don’t accept them in their skips.

Before hiring a skip, liaise with the skip hire company to know what you can put in a skip and what you can’t.

You shouldn’t be surprised when your skip hire service provider, provides you with a list excluding Hoovers as one of the things you can put in the skip. The health and safety regulations restrict Hoovers, as they are considered hazardous to the environment.

Skip hire companies are very strict about what you can put in their skip. For instance, if they find a Hoover in the skip, they can charge you extra cash or refuse to take the skip from your property. To avoid such repercussions, find other ways of disposing of your old or damaged Hoover.

How to dispose of your Hoover

Hoovers are must-have items in UK households. The UK markets sells over 5 million Hoovers every year, a clear indication that these are essential items for almost every household in the country and globally.

But regardless of how much you take care of your Hoover, its quality will eventually deteriorate, leaving you with no better option than ushering in a replacement. You will get excited and worried simultaneously, unpacking your new Hoover and wondering about how to dispose of the old one.  

The challenging thing about Hoovers is that you can’t dispose of them in a skip, and still, recycling them is a challenge. However, the UK government is becoming increasingly concerned about the environment. Therefore, the country’s companies adopt the Hoovers recycling option and make it accessible across the country.

We've taken some time to prepare What can you not put in a skip? Which has a full list of items that are banned (by default) from being put in a skip.

Skips alternatives

Although skips hire service providers won’t allow you to put Hoovers in their skips, you can try other disposal methods, some of which are more efficient and cost-effective. They include:

  • Fixing: Before you call your local appliance store to purchase a brand-new Hoover, you can try to fix it. This will save you money and time you could have spent disposing of the item and getting a new one.
  • Recycling: If your Hoover is totally damaged, recycling becomes the best option. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) requires the Hoovers manufacturers to take the responsibility of disposing of old electrical items in an environmentally conservative and friendly way. Therefore, you can call a Hoover manufacturer to collect your item for safe disposal.

Fixing and recycling damaged and old Hoovers are, therefore, the perfect and most cost-effective solutions and efficient.