Fridges are classified under hazardous waste. Thus, they are among the items you can't put in a skip.

Fridges contain harmful refrigeration gases, and putting them in skips poses a threat to the environment. Skip hiring companies restrict what you can put in their skips and what you can't. Consider checking with your skip hire company to familiarize yourself with these restrictions.

We enlighten you on why you shouldn't put your damaged fridge in a skip and the alternative ways of removing it.

In case you've got hazardous wastes lying around the office or house, we've prepared Hazardous waste regulations and our ultimate skip hire FAQ which has all the answers. Keep in mind that electrical devices such as Tv, Cookers and Microwaves are classified as hazardous waste.

Can you put a Fridge in a skip?

You can't put a fridge in a skip. Fridges are delicate, and they release harmful gases, thus making the environment unsafe. Besides, skip hire companies may impose extra charges if they find out that you have put a fridge in their skip.

Why can't you put your Fridge in a skip?

Fridges contain tetra-fluoro-methane gas, which is harmful to both people and the environment. If you were to put it in a skip, it could break, releasing this hazardous gas to the atmosphere. Therefore, the appliance's delicate nature calls for careful disposal.

Besides, skip hire companies don't accept fridges in their skips since they aren't permitted to do so unless they have a hazardous waste permit.

Is Disposal the only option for your Fridge?

Before disposing of your old fridge, you should contemplate some alternative ideas. Here're two methods of removal you'll find interesting:

  • First, when purchasing a new fridge, you should enquire whether your local retailer will accept your old fridge. Some retailers accept old fridges to reutilize the gases in them. Try taking your old fridge for recycling before trying to dispose of the item using a skip.
  • If your old fridge is in good condition, you may consider donating it or reselling it at a lower price. Its current condition helps you determine whether to dispose of it as waste or donate it for reuse.

How to Dispose of your Fridge

If you have decided to dispose of your old fridge, seek advice from waste recycling companies before setting on a disposal method.

Your local recycling centre may buy your old fridge, although cheaply. Either way, you will have gained monetary benefits, which is better than disposing of your fridge for free.

When disposing of your fridge via waste removal companies, it's advisable to check whether they've got the necessary licences such as a waste carrier licence.

If the skip hire company finds a fridge in the skip, they may charge you extra money to dispose of the item as a separate waste.