Before hiring a skip, it can be difficult for you to determine which size you need. It is important for you to choose the right skip, as it can be a waste of money and space for you if you hire one that is too big, and you might need to hire an extra one if you hire one that is too small which will also be a waste of money.

Skip sizes range from 2 yard to 35 yard, the smaller sizes usually being used by domestic customers, and larger sizes being used by commercial users or in cases of construction or renovation.

To help you, here’s our guide to skip sizes in the UK:


The smallest skip available is the 2 yard skip, which has the capacity of approximately 20 full bin bags. It's the ideal size for domestic waste and small garden clearances.


The 4 yards skips can contain the equivalent of up to 40 full bags of waste, which is ideal for bigger houses and major renovation projects.


The 6 yards skip is one of the most hired skips in the UK, with a capacity of 60 bin bags. It is the perfect size for construction sites, producing moderate amounts of waste.


The 8 yards skips are suitable for larger building, renovation and construction projects as they can accommodate up to 80 bin bags. This type of skips is perfect to use in various industrial or commercial works.


12 yards skips can accommodate the equivalent of up to 120 bin bags, which is the ideal size for households looking to get rid of small furniture or large construction sites.


17 yard Roll on/Roll off skips are usually used on industrial sites and rarely for domestic purposes. However, some households might use it to get rid of larger broken furniture.


The 35 yard skip is usually used to dispose of large volume industrial and commercial waste. This extra-large skip is the ideal solution if you are looking to get rid of wood, metal, plasterboard, plastics, glass, cardboard and paper. This also includes demolition waste.